Conservative Vs. Flashy

When looking at the clothing between the Middle Eastern population and the American population, we see a big difference. People in the Middle East are very conservative and people in America tend to be the exact opposite. article-2093749-0DFFED2A00000578-463_625x428

In the Middle East, their typical style of clothing is very conservative. Many women dress in clothes that don’t cover their face, but it depends on the country they live in, personal choice, or their social level. A woman who is very conservative might wear something that is called an Abayah. It is a black piece of fabric that covers the body from the shoulders down to the feet. Under the Abayah she may be wearing a traditional dress or even designer clothes. If she is an even more conservative woman she may also be wearing a face and head cover. There are some women that may wear the Abayah without the head and face cover, while there are others that may just wear a cover, similar to a scarf, that will only cover her hair and not her face.

There are also many women that wear the latest and most up-to-date clothing without the Abayah or Hejab. In some countries, such as Saudi Arabia, you will never see a women in the streets without the Abayah. In other countries like Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt you will find a mixture of women wearing an Abayah, jeans, shirts, and long and short skirts. 1019-14

Americans are quite the opposite. We like bright colors, jeans, skirts, dresses, and fun blouses. Some American clothing can also be slightly revealing. Right now, it’s popular for teenage girls to wear crop tops and short shorts. As far as I know, you won’t find those articles of clothing in the Middle East, at least not in most areas. American’s clothes are very relaxed and casual. Our clothes are very versatile and are very different from one anothers. Americans value their individuality to the point to where it can become extreme. No one’s style and eye for fashion is the same, and that is what makes it so much fun. We really like to put our personality into the clothes we wear.

As I’ve said, there are many differences between Middle Eastern and American clothes. What are some more differences? How did we become so different from one another?

3 thoughts on “Conservative Vs. Flashy

  1. I think that because America prides itself on being a “melting pot” and encouraging freedom of speech, expression, etc. that there is more room for variation in our culture. I personally love being able to wear something tailored to my mood every day! In Middle Eastern culture, I don’t see their type of dress as particularly conservative or modest (even though it is) – the first thing I think of is how respectful that is of religion and culture. Americans, in my experience, don’t have anything like that. That’s the main difference to me; Culturally, Americans highly value individuality and Middle Easterners highly value their faith.

  2. I love that as Americans we can express ourselves through clothing, although I usually am wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, but we have so many choices! Many Americans think it is crazy that Muslim women wear Abayah’s but I have also heard that Muslim women think it is crazy how American women dress, it just goes to show how cultures can be so different. I think it would be so interesting to hear a Muslim woman’s perspective on this topic!

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