Women in Green

Women in Green is one of the many grassroot movements that has evolved in Israel. Originally called Women for Israel’s tomorrow, the nonprofit organization was named because of the green hats are often seen wearing. It was started in 1993 by a couple, Ruth and Michael Matar, who were dedicated to maintaining the historic, religious land of Israel. They found other Israeli’s that dedicated to “safeguarding the G-d given Biblical Homeland“, and have been focusing on protecting their land from takeover ever since.


The green hats that member of this organizations and their supporters wear are to express the wish to return Israle borders to “the Green Line“. The Green Line was Israel’s land border before 1967 and the religious followers of the Women in Green feel that Israel’s land was abandoned. They also partake in environmental issues, such as planting trees and making the sacred land beautiful. Women in Green were able to gain support from outside the country; they have activists in the United States that want the same cause.

Recently the Women in Green are demanding for the annexation of Judea and Samaria. They feel that this step is a necesity in protecting historic Israel. Two of the leaders, Katsover and Matar, stated “The historical sites of the Jewish people are in danger, and we must systematically exert pressure on the Prime Minister to act in response to the UN resolution with the application of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.” The Women in Green are not simply making these accusations, but have a plan of action to carry this out. They are making this movement public; WIG are involving the media at every aspect they can. They are working towards campaigning to the people of Israel and showing them why it is important for them to take action. The WIG want other Jewish activists to join the fight also; they want as many activists as possible outside the Prime Ministers office, peacefully, to show that this is a movement the Jewish people truly are passionate about.

It is not yet known how the American supporters, or any other supporters outside the State of Israel, will partake in this movement. This movement is trying to prove to the Israeli government that the land should go to whom it rightfully belongs to. The Women in Green are citizens with a strong Jewish faith and want to see the Promised Land back in one piece.



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