Why does your religion matter?

People are being sent to jail or killed for practicing atheism in Muslim countries. This is a rising issue and causing much debate. According to the Muslim faith, “Sharia Law” covers Muslims unless national law states otherwise. Therefore, if an ex-Muslim begins the practice of believing in no god it is considered a Hudud crime. The term,” Hudud” is a crime against God and punishment can be severe depending on where you live.

Lately a man was convicted of, “inciting religious hatred” in Indonesia. This made headlines and I first read about it on the Economist. A man simply stepped away from his faith and made a Facebook group to speak out upon his new beliefs. He was sentenced to a jail term after just being attacked by people for voicing his opinion. I don’t believe it’s right that someone is sent to jail for speaking out about what he/she believes in. The place that which it took place was in a mainly Muslim country. He was speaking about about how he believes there is no god. Personally, I don’t think anything is wrong about his opinion because its his opinion. Whether I believe in what he say’s is a different matter but I still respect him for who he is and what he beklieves. It’s sad governments kill or convict people for what they believe is right and what they believe in.

What if someone you knew who practiced the same faith as you and left the faith to believe in no god. Then went out and wrote on a facebook page that there is no god and was then sent to jail or killed. How would you feel? Do you think it is right? Why?

Again this is an issue that needs to have more publicity and more voice because people are being killed or sent to prison for not practicing what they may have been pressured into.


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