The place where i belong

Every country has something special about it, whether it is its history, its culture, or its people. Despite all the problems in Lebanon it’s still one of the most special countries at least in my opinion. A lot of Lebanese don’t see the beauty of Lebanon due to all political problems here. But I put all those problem aside and see the true beauty of Lebanon.

I love Lebanon because you can hear the Azan coming from the Mosques and Church Bells ringing at the same time

I love Lebanon because every Lebanese has a political opinion and will share it with you even if you could care less.

I love Lebanon because I’m the first to send my Christmas greetings and they are the first to call me on Ramadan.

I love Lebanon because whatever happens there is always room for jokes and laughter.

I love Lebanon because my best friend’s mom treats me the way she treats her daughter.

I love Lebanon because while I am sitting with my friends I can hear more than 5 different Accents.

I love Lebanon because Lebanese people differentiate between Jews and Zionists

I love Lebanon because of Beirut’s night life.

I love Lebanon because every city I go to, I find varieties of cultures.

I love Lebanon because Beirut has been destroyed 7 times in history and has risen stronger every time.

I love Lebanon because I can go out at 3: am just to grab a drink

I love Lebanon because it has 18 different sects.

I love Lebanon because Lebanese people always make fun of politicians and leaders.\

I love Lebanon because of its cuisine, so proud of OUR hommos, falafel, and taboule

I love Lebanon because I hear three languages in one sentence and it’s totally normal. e.g.”hi, kifak cava”

Whatever others might think of Lebanon, it’s my country, my special country and that’s how it will always be and that’s why I love it.



6 thoughts on “The place where i belong

  1. This is one of the more relatable posts I’ve seen – I love America in most of the same ways! Even though I don’t hear 5 different accents at any given time, I still love the inclusive relationship I have with my friend’s parents and the joking nature of conversation that the cultures share. (Also, we definitely make fun of politicians and leaders too!) Thank you for the outlook into the culture of Lebanon! It seems that there are more similarities than most people realize.

  2. I completely agree with Danielle also. I just recently wrote a paper about the economy and politics of Lebanon. This blog shows the other side of Lebanon. It gave me a great insight into how you see Lebanon. I would love to hear a conversation where the sentences consisted of 3 languages and 5 different accents. It is incredible how Beirut keeps rebuilding and getting stronger after every downfall. Its a good life lesson to us all that we can get knocked down 7 times and still come back even stronger.

  3. I really loved this post because it really shows how the little things actually mean a lot to you and many people may over look those due to political conflict. It’s amazing to see people with such pride for their country despite the negative connotations people allow themselves to believe. I think people can definitely relate to this because it gives such a great first hand reference to the true beauty of the country and not just the problems.

  4. Wow Lebanon sounds like a great country. I hope that one day I have the opportunity to travel to Lebanon and experience some of these things too. The diversity sounds a lot like how my aunt describes her experience living in New York City!

  5. I love reading poetry with individual social view points. It can be very effective when commenting of societal aspects of life. Lebanon is an overlooked country for many westerners and I think the poetic form helps connects with the reader. I really like the subtle beauty of each individual thought. The repetitiveness is very effective and holds a lot of power. Thank you for this post I enjoy it when people change it up and take a more artistic push with their words.

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