New America; in my eyes!

I must admit, that even though I always considered myself as very open-minded to society, I had a re-conception about Americans before I actually went there.

Perhaps because I dislike the way America handles the region and the problems, and maybe because I am too attached to the Palestinian cause and America supports Israel, that I always had the idea that Americans wanted nothing to do with Arabs, and only thought about Americans.

While I was in Athens, I learned how to celebrate my thoughts and feelings of the American state from the American people. I may not agree with the policies this country has, but that does not mean I have to feel I am at conflict with the people.

After thinking that Americans were not concerned with the rest of the world, Ohio University students were able to show great interest in intercultural matters, which entirely changed my mind. Perhaps a lot may be too consumed with the media and the image it sends about the region, yet I was glad to see some Americans who were not like that.

GLC students were a turning point in my views on Americans. They were very hospitable, and made our stay much better. The conversations we had also showed they were very interested in knowing more, and they always had questions and tried to catch more important details that would tell them more about this far away area of the world.

This very clever experience added a lot to our minds, and I am glad that I was part of it. 


2 thoughts on “New America; in my eyes!

  1. I am glad that we exceeded your expectations. I was concerned while reading some of the blogs that we didn’t affect the view of “the American Devil” at all. I was born here, live here, and love my country but I do not agree with all of its policies. Most Americans who are civically engaged do not like everything that our government does but even in the “government of the people”, we do not always get a say or even know what is going on. People everywhere can be ignorant and prejudice, usually without reason, but all people have struggles and can be compassionate of the struggles of others.

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