Experience of a Lifetime: Reflection on GLC/LIU International Exchange

It’s been about a month since our newly acquired Lebanese friends traveled to Athens, Ohio in an international exchange, emerging themselves in our “American” culture as well as sharing their Lebanese culture with us. Although we miss the eight passionate LIU students and one motivating professor, we still continue to stay in touch through social media and this very blog! We cannot take for granted the opportunity we were given because we live in a global society where many people are mislead to belief things by a misinformed media.

Having the opportunity to learn from individuals who live in the midst of the Middle Eastern conflict, is very beneficial to our understanding of current global issues and the education of others about these issues. Numerous topics were discussed and many intellectual conversions had between people from across the globe, leading to shared experiences and analysis’ of our various views. Although at times we disagreed on matters, we were able to respect each other’s perspectives which promoted global understanding and tolerance.

Through this dialogue, we were also able to combat various stereotypes that individuals held about the Arab world and America too. Interacting directly with these students showed us that prevalent stereotypes are simply not true and too overused (Americans believe Muslims are terrorists). Overall, this experience brought together two very different cultures, challenged students to explore other perspectives and desired them to obtain knowledge to better educate society as a whole. After all this, I can certainly say we have collectively achieved our goal.It is truly amazing to say that we have made great friends in only two weeks. As this dialogue continues, I hope the best for all in their future endeavors. May someday there be friendship and peace among all society.


4 thoughts on “Experience of a Lifetime: Reflection on GLC/LIU International Exchange

  1. I am glad to know that we were able to change some stereotypes you had about Arabs and specifically Muslims! And i am happy i had the chance to visit Ohio and learn so much about Americans in no time. It was more than nice to meet you and learn about your culture!

  2. As you have mentioned, the best part of this experience is how much information we were able to acquire, and how we formed friendships in 2 weeks. I surely encourage a greater number of students to engage in such experiences.

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