A Reminder

Our journey has come to end. Ever since September, we have been engaging in conversations that are very enriching. Yes, December 1st is the last day of our project, yet my hopes are for this communication and intercultural sharing goes on, even after the mentioned date.

The friendships we built were great, yet the misconceptions we corrected were the best part of this experience. The face-to-face experience added a lot to our minds and thoughts, and the change kept going through our blogs.

Perhaps we will always have the thoughts we talked about in mind, but I would like to point out to a couple of things that we learned as students about each other’s culture, perhaps to keep them as a reminder of what we discussed or wrote about.

First of all, Lebanon is not a desert. This is one of the funniest facts that I never thought I had to talk about, but with all my fellow American students, I realized that not everyone has seen Lebanon and the beautiful nature it has. Second, Muslims are not terrorists, and women are not forced to wear a veil. This is a common question we were asked, about women rights and what a woman is allowed to do or not to do, and I think that a lot of students were surprised to know the freedom we obtain as Lebanese young women.

Another point in which we discussed and I found very interesting is the wide religious variety we have in this small country, and how important religion is when handling politics. This is one of the points I certainly call to change, in the hope that one day the sect or religion of an individual no longer classifies his career.

We also found out during our stay at Athens that not all Americans are very strict when it comes to Arabs and Muslims, and that some are actually interested in acknowledging more about it and engaging in relationships which can widen their information. It was one of the best things I realized. I had perceived young Americans as anti-Arabs, and was glad that we were able to blend in and form close relationships.

Our group discussed a lot more subjects, but what I am trying to say here is that from simple matters to more complex ones, we enjoyed knowledge and educations. We enjoyed different cultures, and we also let go of our prejudices and were able to look outside the box.

The level of awareness we came to obtain by this time is simply amazing. For that reason, I hope for these conversations to go on, for the purpose of broadening our brains, even more


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