Video shows discrimination against Islam

A video has lately spread on youtube, showing a veiled young girl walking down the street, and then gets hit by a man passing by. The man knocks her down to the ground, and then runs away. Now the reason he did it is obviously the religious difference he could spot, as she was veiled and obviously a Muslim.

This video very clearly shows this man hitting the woman, and yet, as an educated person, I could not accuse all British people to agree on what had happened. Instead, I believe that a lot of people do not agree, and even condemn this act.

What I am trying to point out to here is that single acts of individuals do not necessarily represent the entire feelings or acts of a nation. Sadly, Arabs and Muslims are stereotyped by the West because they have only seen the bad part of them, and are not willing to dig deeper and understand that each person should be responsible for his own actions and reputation.

This man violates every humane aspect of life, and violates the laws of human rights. Not only is he being racist, he is also being a sexist assaulting a young woman walking down the street. The authorities have taken the correct measures, and no one has the right to consider what this individual did as a reflection of the image and morals of British people.

This video is sad, it shows the discrimination levels we can reach because of our prejudices and misconceptions. This video proves that it is about time we step outside the box.


3 thoughts on “Video shows discrimination against Islam

  1. I can not believe that this happened, that man should be put into jail. I understand that Western media portrays many Middle Eastern nations as our enemies, but the fact that this man chose to harass an innocent women infuriates me.
    This is a prime example of why we are doing the pluralism project; In order to erase all stereotypes. It is not only important to erase personal stereotypes, but public ones as well. GLC is making it a point to educate the general public on different issues in the Middle East in a non biased manner.
    Since working on the pluralism project I have learned so much about the region of the Middle East both politcally and religiously. The fact that I can share my blog posts with friends and family on such topics helps to slowly erase these racist opinions.

  2. Check what the girl said.
    Some newspaper mentioned that he was drunk.
    Despite if he was drunk or not, he should be arrested

  3. Terrible video, sad to see disgusting acts like that occur in countries we would hope that would not exist. The wide discrimination, stereotyping, and generalizing of Muslim innocents is a sad and unfortunate effect of the brutality that can be observed by just a few. Especially when considering a group of people that number over 1.3 billion – near a quarter of all people on Earth – it is sad to think that such a large group can be so easily generalized for the actions of a few.

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