Peace Around the Corner?

The problem in the Middle East between Israel and surrounding countries is very difficult to understand if one is not near the region. However, the problem seems to be escalating with threats and tension that can be clearly seen in the news.

Hassan Nasrallah, the chief of the powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah stated on Sunday that thousands of rockets will hit Israel if it attacks Lebanon. He was foremost targeting an audience of Iran and Palestinian resistance. His announcement was heard of a broadcast Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television and over stadium screens. It was seen and heard by over ten thousand groups of supporters in the southern suburbs of Beruit to make the Shiite commemoration of Ashura.

This act being seen and witnesses by so many, is a further act of violence. A threat of violence may be needed, but the question of when is the violence going to far is hard to estimate. With the recent conflict in and around the Gaza Strip killing 166 Palestinians and 6 Israelites, Nasrallah considered it a great victory for the resistance. His challenge was that is Israel was shaken by only a few missiles, how would it stand to thousands of rockets that would hit Tel Aviv, if it attacked Lebanon.

This threat is there to protect Lebanon form Israel, but the need to global peace is being heard. Many young Lebanese and Israelites are now talking of peace more and more. Many do not want their children to face what they have faced in their country. The threat of bombs and terrorists is not something that either country wants any longer for the next generation.

Lebanese Michael Raj stated, “Ever since I have moved to America, I have found a new view of my own country and the Middle East. I want the fighting and violence to be ended. I want to be able to take my kids there one day and show them a beautiful and peaceful land.”

Lebanese Raquel Jordan stated, “My parents left Lebanon because they feared Hezbollah’s rein. They don’t believe in threats and think in this day and age peace can be talked of in a calmer manner.”

Many other people want what Michael wants and many are finding it by opening their eyes. Although, some still feel that the violence and threats are necessary to keep their people safe and this is a just position. This piece is mainly to show that there are others who wish for peace and an end to this violent stream.

It is different that both Raquel and Michael are now in the United States stating this about their homeland across the seas. This could be because they do not truly understand the conflict any longer taking place there. Yet, it could also be being raised outside of it and looking into it with different views. Violence is seen in America as well, but is much more withheld. Their views may be obscured, but still it is good to know that some wish for peace to be seen around the corner


6 thoughts on “Peace Around the Corner?

  1. If somebody invaded and destroyed your country….killed your people.. so many times…and still threatening to do…..wouldn’t you hate him??
    Hizoballah are only trying to protect the land of the Lebanese so that the Israelis do not do what they did to poor harmless unprotected palestine. Hezoballah are protecting us from the massacre that happened back in 1986, 1996 and 2006.
    As a Lebanese, I refuse any kind of peace with Israel.

    1. It is this negative mentality that will further the hatred and violence demonstrated by Israelis as well as Hezbollah and Hamas. I understand your perspective on Israel but ask yourself, how can we, as a hopeful global civil society, move forward?

      1. It’s not about moving forward it’s about humanity!
        If someone destroyed your home (for no reason) would you forgive him and “move forward”??

      2. Well, humanity in that region seems to be diminishing with the constant chaos, uprisings and violence that occurs regularly. Although Israel has caused destruction in Lebanon, it is because there is a terrorist organization that wants to destroy Israel and they are trying to eliminate that threat. How do we achieve humanity if we can’t move past the death on all sides?

      3. What about Palestine?? When they first came to Palestine and took over the land of innocent people what terrorists were going after Israel!!?? None! Because Israel did not exists! You will never know the feeling because no one ever took your land.

        We won’t move on because we have lost far more than what Israel has lost! We have lost civilians and Land.

        Someone who is fighting for a cause like getting Palestinians back home and getting their land is a not a “terrorist”.

  2. This is a touchy topic, and I understand both sides. Kelcie, like you said, I think that many young people are trying to think of ways to live peacefully with their enemies, only because they want to protect the future of their children. Having said that, how do you come to a resolution? We can see first hand, with students like Ayamo, that much of the youth would prefer not to come to a peace agreement, there is a lot of hate between Israel and Lebanon, almost too much to be forgiven.

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