To Dear Gaza

Allow me to use this platform of free expression today to give out some words to Gaza. As most of us know, there’s a public war going on now in which Israel is hitting Gaza as hard as it can. A couple of words to explain the situation, and the feelings:

Though each day is a complete disaster,

Though each day people die silently,

This time it is a declared war.

It’s not that the martyrs who died randomly on the streets didn’t matter,

It’s not that random time-to-time bombing did not hurt,

It’s just that this time it is a declared war.

A child walks by the road to school,

A mother walks by the road to the market,

An old man walks by the road to his family,

A bomb hits that road,

Lives vanish in air.

Israel claims to be defending itself,

Israelis claim to be suffering,

But all we see are Palestinian corps,

Schoolbags and water bottles scattered all over the floor,

Blood and body parts shattered all over the roads.

Israeli’s war was much expected,

But the Arab silence is what needs to be inspected.

International community most often neglects the war crimes,

And Arabs have become not Arabs at all.

How can a fellow-brother,

Watch his fellow-sisters and children,

die in oppression, but still say no word?

Condemn is the most common thing we hear,

But that never erases the poor children’s fear.

Over a barrel of oil and fuel,

The Arabs have sold the cause,

Have sold the blood,

Have even sold their own dignity and self.

I stand here and look out,

To all the silence despite what we talk about,

The world wants to fight terrorism,

And yet Israel gets support while killing the young ones.

The level of disgust I cannot really show,

And the children of Gaza must know,

They died because our dear Arab world had an oil over-flow.


3 thoughts on “To Dear Gaza

  1. I cannot hide my feeling of guilt girls, because I can only write about the torture and oppression, but am not able to do something on ground. Hopefully one day Gaza will take back its right; entirely.

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