First shots fired in 39 years

On Thursday November 8 shells landed in Israel that could not be identified for landed in a military post Israel. Luckily no one was hurt in this incident but stray bullets and shells have become an ongoing problem in villages of Israel. The Israeli Defense Forces concluded that the shells that landed were from the fighting in Syria. Israel does not want to have to keep worrying about their citizens and military getting killed or injured over a civil war in another country.

When the IDF declared that the shells hit were from Syria the Defense Minister of Israel issued a warning against the country. Ehuk Barak warned that anymore spill over into Israel from the battles in Syria would be returned to protect their country. Prime Minister Netanyahu also warned that Israel, “will not allow anyone to breach our borders or to fire on our citizens.” Since Thursday’s event IDF placed more interest in the happenings and Syria and keeping an eye on the border control.

After all the warnings, another stray shell entered Israel on Sunday November 11. This shell was answered by Israel firing warning shots into Syria. Their intent was not to injure or harm anyone in Syria but to show that they would protect their country. The shots became the first shots fired over from Israel into Syria border since 1973. Israel does not want to become involved in the Syrian revolution but they will not allow their country to be harmed from the fighting.

There are many other countries that have also been affected by the battles in Syria. More and more countries have stepped up their defenses to protect their citizens. Israel clearly warned that they would not tolerate stray bullets or stray fire from Syria in their country and they carried through with that threat. While many do not want to interfere and become involved in the Syrian uprising I feel that all surrounding countries should step up their security to make sure their people are not harmed.


One thought on “First shots fired in 39 years

  1. I think it is very interesting that Mr. Ehud Barak would not accept the citizens of Israel to be harmed, and that that entire Israeli state would not tolerate such acts, but are still killing Palestinians daily and savagely. I guess each person want to “look like he cares” for his people, disregarding humanity.

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