Twitter War

The fighting seems to never end in the Middle East. News just released that Palestinian militants targeted Israel’s capital Tel Aviv with missiles fired from Gaza strip. This is the first missile threat towards residents of Tel Aviv since 1991. The rocket is said to have come down on dry land hitting a field in a suburb south of the city. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said, “This escalation will exact a price that the other side will have to pay.” While on the other side of the battle Hamas Prime Minister of Gaza said, “We here in Gaza will remain steadfast and unshaken. We will fend off the aggression.” In retaliation to this attack there were several massive explosion and missile firings in and around Gaza city last Thursday from Israel. Too many people are dying in this never ending battle. Both sides are suffering unnecessary loses but what will it take to stop? If the life of innocent people isn’t enough what is?

Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu claims to be doing everything to not kill civilians and blames the innocent deaths on Hamas deliberately placing its rockets and missiles in civilian areas. That is NO justification, it is sad that the death of civilians is used to push the blame on one another. No one actually seems to care about the citizens that are dying in result of this continuing battle. Everyone is taking different sides while Egypt condemns Israel for being too aggressive the U.S condemns Hamas for no justification of violence. What I believe is both sides should be condemned and not one side has more justification than another.

In the midst of all of this conflict the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was having a twitter war with Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades the armed wing of Hamas. What a twitter war really?! The IDF began live tweeting about its current military operations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, uploading videos of the attacks on Twitter. While Hamas defense responded, “Our blessed hands will reach your leaders and soldiers wherever they are (You Opened Hell Gates on Yourselves).” The use of social media to announce and comment on military operations is astounding to me. When I read things like this it puts me in shock, while innocent people die our military leaders are tweeting at each other, it is sickening.


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