Fashion is given an opportunity

In the Fall of 2013 the Lebanese American University is launching a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design. Elie Saab, a famous fashion designer from Lebanon, will be supervising the program. Acceptance to the program is projected to be very competitive because of its allegiance with such a high-profile Designer. The Lebanese American University has planned for the new branch of its university to be housed in their School of Architecture and Design.

Elie Saab with models wearing his designs

The focus of the new program is to promote and encourage local talent from the Universities’ students. For Mr. Saab, this goal was his inspiration to support and supervise the program. Mr. Saab declared,

“I could never pass up an opportunity related to encouraging young people.”

Another incentive to create this program was the high number of Lebanese students who go abroad to study. Mr. Saab believes this program will be internationally competitive and he hopes that it will attract students indigenous to Lebanon. On top of Lebanese students, the Bachelor of Art’s degree in fashion is anticipated to draw in some of the future top designers of the world, and especially the Arab world.

The Lebanese American University is a Liberal Arts school, which will only enhance the prominence of this fashion design program. With regards to the upcoming program, the President of the university, Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra, announced,

“Fashion is a part of culture, anthropology and art history.”

Elie Saab with a Lebanese American University Partner

Mr. Saab put Lebanon on the international map of the fashion world with his innovative talent. The new program will nurture the next generation of Lebanese and international designers. With all the conflict in the Middle East it was refreshing to learn about this progress in the arts and education. As an American student, I do not usually think of Lebanon as a leader in fashion design. It is a generalization, but I believe that most Americans do not think of the Middle East as a competitor and leader in the fashion world.  The media shows the conflicts and relations of the Middle East, but hardly any news about the art world. Are artists active in the Middle East? If, so why do you think their progress and work is not being shared on international news? Do you think this new degree program will have success? Did you have previous knowledge about Mr. Saab and Lebanon’s presence in the fashion world?


3 thoughts on “Fashion is given an opportunity

  1. Intuitive like these are what we need to hear more about, coming from the Middle East! The combination of world fashion with Lebanese fashion (which I know next to nothing about) could create some interesting possibilities. In my opinion artists are active in the Middle East, but our media chooses to “sell” war instead of fine arts.

  2. I was unfamiliar with Mr. Saab prior to reading this informative piece. I was really interested to find out what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ in Lebanon. This simple fact though is disheartening. Things such as these are not brought to the forefront enough. I hate the fact that many would truly believe this is what happens second to the violence and war. This is the beauty of the country that should come before what the media shows us. But specifically about this new degree program, I think it is wonderful that they have created this opportunity. Being a student myself, I know that so many people have a wide variety of interests and new programs such as this allows one to truly pursue their passions, giving them the opportunity to have a higher likelihood for success.

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