A Fork in the Road

Iran is locked in a “fierce internal debate whether to hold bilateral nuclear talks with the United States.” Even though they are insisting that their nuclear program is solely meant for civilian purposes. But something doesn’t quite add up to me. The Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has shown no interest in accepting the dangling offer of talks put forth by President Obama.

And even if he were to accept said offer, there’s a catch. Let’s not forget that in Iran being the “president” doesn’t net you “supreme leader” status because Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is the proud holder of that title. He is the man who is in charge of the country’s nuclear course. And he’s navigating that course in a rather sneaky way.

So not only is Iran “continuing progress” at their uranium enrichment plants but they have “nearly completed installing centrifuges at [their] Fordow uranium-enrichment plant.” That itself is a big deal. But the location of the plant is an even bigger deal. The Fordow plant is being built inside a mountain tunnel to protect it from bombings. Essentially, Iran has almost completed construction of a “virtually bomb-proof sanctuary.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Why not at least humor President Obama with one talk President Ahmadinejad? Just one? Since in all reality you have little say in whether or not Iran should continue enriching uranium, you know for the peaceful purposes you keep insisting all that uranium will be used for. But let’s be honest, you of course wouldn’t be a huge fan of dismantling multiple plants that your administration sank a great deal of money into. Therefore, any talk would just be one very clever ruse.

The way I see it is humanity is once again at another fork in the road. We can all decide to stop enriching uranium (cough, cough… Iran) or a much less attractive option will probably be imposed at a much higher price. But it seems we have already started slowly wandering down a path and left the fork and options behind us.


2 thoughts on “A Fork in the Road

  1. Whenever a new update is delivered on the progress Iran has been making on their nuclear program, I always seem to find chills up my arm. It is so easy to forget about the very realistic fact that they have continued to improve their work and are coming way too close to a product that only has one result. I struggle when I look at the options as to how this situation could play out and the different routes it could go. As you mentioned Tom, it is looking more and more that we are headed for a road I never want to travel down in my lifetime. This said, what are our choices though? If Iran refuses talks, refuses to cease their program, what is America going to do to stop this dreadful occurrence from happening? As much as I hope the future holds positive news on this situation, I am fearful of the potential negative it can hold too.

  2. This is a very serious controversy that is going on between the US and Iran. Nuclear weapons in the wrong hands, or in anyone’s hands, could have a very tragic outcome. If Iran keeps going on this route we, the US, will have no choice but to take action. With Iran building the nuclear plant inside a mountain tunnel one can only assume the worst. If something is not done to stop Iran from the advancement of their Nuclear Intelligence, then I am only to fear the worst for what is to come in the future

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