Missiles Galore

Although thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip (12,000 rockets since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005), violence recently escalated to an extreme high with the assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, the leader of Hamas’s military wing, by an IDF air strike. Ahmed’s death remains a victory for the citizens of Israel as millions of individuals in the south regions of Israel hide in shelter awaiting more rocket attacks from Hamas. Rockets have even reached Tel Aviv to the north. In the past two days, 3 Israelis and 13 Palestinians have been killed by the rocket and counter-offensive attacks. Prime Minister Netanyahu states that,

No government would tolerate a situation where nearly a fifth of its people live under a constant barrage of rockets and missile fire, and Israel will not tolerate this situation… Israel is prepared for a “significant widening” of its Gaza offensive.

Hamas is an Islamist Resistance Movement classified by the Israelis as a terrorist organization. This group operates amongst the palestinians living in Gaza similarly to Hezbollah operating within Lebanon,thus making it difficult for the IDF to eliminate the terrorist threat and not innocent people. The increased military action put forth by both sides doesn’t help the attempt to stabilize the region and lessen the violence and death. It is interesting to notice how both Israeli’s and palestinians want the killings to stop, though it is the actions of the terrorist actors, who are the minority, that causes this continued violence.

The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood.

-Otto Von Bismarck

It is very understandable as to why the IDF has increased vigilance in Gaza especially with the rise in rocket fire aimed towards Israel. It also proves problematic to combat the terrorists in Gaza. This is because Hamas uses children as human shields and keeps their rockets stored in densely populated areas as to prevent Israeli attacks. Some of these areas include schools, hospitals and places of worship. The media will never present a pro Israeli stance on this issue, claiming that Israeli soldiers simply kill innocent people without cause. Although there are civilian casualties on both sides, this certainly is not the case.

When the world looks at the Middle East, what do they see? A region in utter chaos and instability? A region that strives for peace though takes no steps to achieve it? A place where death is the norm and violence is never-ending? In a place where everyone considers themselves “right” or “just,” how can this problem ever be solved? Hopefully, this assassination doesn’t lead to another all out war. If it does however, histroy shows it may only last a few days.




4 thoughts on “Missiles Galore

  1. Now that Hamas has the capability to strike Tel Aviv with missiles, I think that Israel will be even more vigilant in their approach to end the missile attacks. Unfortunately, this increased determination may lead to more civilian deaths because they are the people near the missile arsenals. The balance between civilian deaths and Israeli security is a very delicate one. I just hope that Israel and Hamas will reach a solution before this violence escalates into a full-blown war.

  2. I have to admit that this post has a lot of irony in it. Netanyahu upset about his people living under shelters, while the truth is that Palestinians do not dare to go to their schools because of the Israeli oppression and sudden killing swings. The fact that Netanyahu is speaking about a land that is not even his own, and wanting the original owners of this land to stop wanting it back is simply not acceptable. and also the fact that Israel daily kills Palestinians who are not only hiding in shelters, but st some times cannot even reach water, is just too obvious for one to be defending Israel. The thing a lot of people don’t understand is that Israel is the oppressor here people, Israel invaded Palestine and has been killing children since then. The least that Palestine can do is have missiles to protect what is left of its dignity from the real terrorist: Israel.

    1. First, Hamas has rocket sites located in or near schools. Although I agree that the way Israel obtained the Palestinian’s land was somewhat illegitimate, it happened. The statement that Israel is the oppressor can be debated forever, so I will not go there. Furthermore, international humanitarian organizations in collaboration with the IDF has been sending aid to Gaza for years now. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an Arab source that talks about aid to Palestine/Gaza but here is what i found: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/US-Israel/paaid12.html. Israel is not targeting Palestinians, they are targeting HAMAS. if Hamas chooses to operate amongst Gaza daily life, use children as human shields (not propaganda), put rockets in or near schools and hospitals, call for Palestinian citizens to protect Hamas’ strategic institutions, then I would have to say your claims are ironic as well.

  3. Well, maybe Hamas is only trying to stay alive. In the hope that the international community would stop Israel from bombing schools, they chose such locations to be at. Maybe I do not agree that Hamas or any other have the right to choose a school or any location of innocent citizens to defend itself, yet when Israel terrorizes a boy on his way to school, walking on his own, then I realize that it’s not about targeting Hamas, it’s about terrorizing Palestinians. We need to get outside the box sometimes, and realize that no body wants to show his bad side, but it does exist.

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