Marathon Beirut: more than running

One of the most successful events that has been held in lebanon over the years was the Beirut International Marathon.

 Since its first organisation in 2003, until recently, in 2012, the BIM has been growing and attracting more people and runners from different countries all around the world.
The numbers of runners increased significantly indicating the importance and prosperity of this event.
Each year, this event holds a different issue and is set for a particular goal. BIM claims everyone to participate in this race to show their support for the case, despite all differences among them, there is only one goal that brought them together.
This event, organised by the business women May EL Khalil, has the theme of unity at its core.
What most characterises the BIM and makes it so special is that it is one of the rare events that gather people together, in particular Lebanese people, and put beside all their political and religious problems and all the differences among them: “No Racism, No Discrimination, only 1 goal, Unity and peace”.

Despite the wars, the Marathon has never been cancelled, and hopefully will never be.

And this year, despite the heavy rains and thunder, the annual race did take place, and it witnessed a large number of participants today. People walked under the torrent showing their support for this charity. It has a lot of funders, this year, it was sponsored by Blom Bank.
Many politicians, from different backgrounds, religions and beliefs, participate in this event each and every year, as a sign of support for this international event. The President, Michel Seiman, launched the beginning of the race.
So thank you May El Khalil and all the working team and people who helped in the organization of this event, for making us always believe and have faith, for uniting us and making this successful event an unforgettable memory.

7 thoughts on “Marathon Beirut: more than running

  1. This was a wonderful insight to the daily living in Lebanon. Too often we only see the bad and hear that there is good, but with few details as to what that looks like. This description was a ray of hope to both the Lebanese people and those foreigners looking on. What was so great about this for me was the personal connection I can make with this event. Having attended marathons, 5Ks, and other fitness events, I know the atmosphere that is created at such a setting. An environment filled with energy, people filled with excitement and a community brought together for a common goal. I am excited that this event brought the citizens together for a common goal, aside from the political and religious differences.

  2. What I liked the most in this marathon is that everyone is running for a cause and a message. it’s great to shed the light on different problems through this event.

  3. It is great to see that Lebanon is hosting this event, In a country with such tension I think it is important to remember to take a breather from all of the conflict and focus on the positives, such as hosting recreational events solely for enjoyment.

    I do wonder which countries have come to run in Beruit for the marathon and if there has ever been a sentiment of tension between countries.

    As Aubry said, it is nice to see that the people of Lebanon were able to put all political and cultural differences aside and come together for a common goal, a small glimpse of peace and unity, if only for a moment, goes a long way.

  4. This marathon came at a great time for Lebanon and I wish there would be more of it in the media. The US generally hears the negative aspects of events in the Middle East, but here is one of hope and progress. If the people of Lebanon were able to put aside their religious differences for this marathon it could lead into unification on greater events and politics. Was the marathon hosted for a fundraising event or just as a socially unifying event?

  5. After reading your post I ventured to Youtube to see if I could find any videos of this marathon, (the only videos found was in a forieng language). It is always interesting to me to read and see events happening in other countries, other parts of the world that also occur in the United States. Seeing this daily life event that people participate in for a cause is inspiring. And after you stated that it has never been cancelled, even for war shows the real, true spirit of the people participation in the marathon!

    1. According to the history I’ve learned, the last time Israelis walked around the streets of Beirut was in 1982 (the year they invaded Lebanon).

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