Education: Israel and America

Many socio-economic gaps may remain is Israel, but Israel has now been documented to be harder working and more educated than ever before. A notable trend is indeed that the number of academic degree holders in the country has dramatically increased. 22.9% of Israelis have earned a college degree, this si much more than the 14.3 percent ten years ago. In Tel Aviv, in particular, the percentage increased from 19.7% to 37%. These numbers may seem as though they are not a dramatic increase, but in the scheme of things they truly are.


One statistic that was astounding was that thirty percent of people in college in Israel were women. This is compared to the sixty percent of women that make up people in college in America. The reasonings behind this can be broad, but some common ones are the military, where in Israel the women must participate, and socio-economic status. If women is Israel must participate in the military this can lead to them wanting to further advance there career, but can also lead to them not getting an education because they want a family and husband now. The socio economic aspect is very different in the two countries. Where America has a greater percentage of their people in middle class than Israel does, this could be a reason as to why this trend is how it is.


This video below is also very interesting because it comments of Israel’s education system. It says that Israel has come along way and that many Israelites are producing new ideas and pushing the frontier faster than any other country in the world. Yet, it questions why as a whole Israel is not doing better. Some answers are that since their hi-tech industry grew by one hundred percent this meant more traditional industries only grew by far less. It also comment on how their economy is hugged compared to their neighbors, but how the gap from rich to poor is the highest of any country.  It also shows statistics of Israeli students compared to other students of the world. It is interesting to watch because the creators of this want change in the education system, something that many Americans want as well.


Education in both countries is very much valued at the same. Although, finding a job in Israel without a degree is not as difficult as it is in America. Education is seen as a way to better oneself in both countries and in Israel is it becoming more necessary, where seventy three percent of jobs are now looking for a degree of some kind. In the United States this number is around ninety percent of higher paying jobs that are looking for degrees.


As the demand for degrees increases in both countries, hopefully the availability of achieving these will become more realistic as well. This means that federal funding for education changing in both countries and providing more scholarships and making loans available to students. The need for education is not just among Israelites and Americans, but for the rest of the world. With economies different in every country, developing education plans for the future needs to be at high priority for every country. Education helps people move forward and needs to be prioritized more and made available to everyone.


3 thoughts on “Education: Israel and America

  1. The U.S has changed into a country, like you had said, where getting a job is near impossible with out some kind of higher education. This may be another explanation as to why the percent of people attending college is higher in the U.S compared to Israel. Since there are jobs available without a college education people in Israel may find it unnecessary to go to college. This is not very different from the U.S a few decades ago when most people went straight into a career after high school. Israel is changing just as the U.S had over the years college became required for a job and that will probably be the same in Israel.

  2. I find it shocking that Israelis are not required to complete a four year degree in order to teach, and that only 17% of 25 year olds hold degrees.

    Israel has the largest gap between high and low performing students, but thanks to the Youth Renewal Fund who has spent $25 million they have helped 75,000. This year alone 6,000 students are enrolled and 200 teachers are in training. These are some things I learned from the informative video that Kelcie posted.

    It seems that Israel is growing at an exponential rate, and making serious technological advancements, but they still need to close the large gap between the educated and the uneducated. It seems that there are many available jobs and opportunities, Israel just needs to make sure that there are more qualified individuals for the jobs.

    When it comes down to it, there are many well educated individuals that are making huge advancements for israel, but there needs to be more. The education needs to be spread evenly across the country and not just for a select few over achievers.

  3. Education in many places has come a long way in the past few decades. In the US, it is nearly impossible to hold a well paying job without attaining a degree. This trend has increased the number of men and women who attend college. Since it is not a necessity in Lebanon to earn a degree in order to find a good job, I wonder if that deters some people from spending money on schooling, especially if money is tight. Also, I wonder if the increase in people attending college in this region will start to follow the US trend of the importance of maintaining a degree in order to find a good job. It would be interesting to see if this would cause even more women to obtain a college education.

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