What’s Next for Netanyahu?

It was a long day. I had woken up early to complete the looming homework I had procrastinated to finish. With one eye open, I was relieved to see that the sun had rose before me and was shining on the Athens landscape. Walking the streets, I exhaled to visibly see the cold wrap around me as I walked through my breath. I proceeded on with my typical Tuesday agenda, crossing off my to-do list, responding to emails, n and attending meetings. The evening demanded my presence at work, secluded from the outside world that was buzzing. Within the walls that eloped my evening hours, I was free from thoughts about the future, simply focused on the now. As I made my walk home, I noticed the stars had replaced the beaming sun. The town was particularly quiet with a sense of anxiousness present. I reached for the door knob and was shot with a bitter cold that extended to my toes. As the door opened to my temporary home, I was consumed by an energy. An energy of anticipation, nervousness, anxiousness and stress. Of course, it was Election Day.

Not to say that I had forgotten about the election, but I had put it on the back burner. I had mailed in my absentee ballot days prior so my immediate responsibility had been fulfilled, I could then only wait. As I participated in the staring of the screen for the next several hours, I had come to terms that I had put my two-sense in and that was that. Whoever was deemed deserving of running our country for the next four years was now a decision out of my hands. I would have to accept and move on with whoever would assume the white house, just like my fellow citizens. Similarly, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has now been faced to do the same.

Unlike my Tuesday that was mainly undisturbed by the election, Netanyahu was most likely fully consumed by it. Not only would the Prime Minister of any country be somewhat interested as to who the next President of the United States would be, but especially the Prime Minister that has made a point to confront the current President, and fully lean to support one candidate, not the incumbent. When I woke on Wednesday, I was relieved that we would be political add free; when Netanyahu woke on Wednesday, I believe he was not overcome with that same relief.

Over the past four years, it has not been hidden that the US’s relations with Israel have seen more tension than in years previous. Many discussions have debated and analyzed this topic in detail, stating that Netanyahu has not been satisfied with President Obama’s resistance to draw a hard line for Iran and challenging his appeal to the Arab world. Netanyahu felt so strongly about his thought of Obama being in the White House for the next four years that he openly showed his support for Romney. As Netanyahu woke Wednesday, I can presume he was not concerned to see if the sun was shining on his country, rather a version of the word “shoot,” may have crossed his mind.

So now what? Obama got the chance to win his re-election first, now it will be Netanyahu’s turn. He will be fighting for his current seat again in January, with the questions now arising as to how Obama’s win will affect Israel’s election. Of course, it is always a main goal to keep the waters calm enough to manage to hold your position. That is what Netanyahu is backtracking now to achieve. Issuing statements that relay the information that the relations are ‘rock-solid’ and congratulating the American ambassadors were all a part of Netanyahu’s to-do list the day following the election. These acts came in response to many Israelis questioning if the collective relationship with the US had been compromised under Netanyahu. This undoubtedly is not good press leading up to his own election.

As the election buzz has slowing began to diminish, I am left with the same anxiousness and anticipation I felt at the beginning of the week. What will Obama’s stance on Israel be? Will he be more likely to set his priorities in regards to Israel, Palestine and Iran without the input of the Prime Minister? How will the election in Israel result because of the election in America? And the question I am most curious to get an answer to but never will – how would the US’s elections varied if Israel had held their election first?

Today, we can exhale the long awaited anticipation we have held since the very first repetitive political commercial infected our televisions. As the days get longer and the months progress, we will wait and see how the election overseas plays out and the repercussions to our country and relations. In the meantime, we might as well keep rising with the sun and gazing at the stars.


One thought on “What’s Next for Netanyahu?

  1. I really liked your post Aubrey! You’re a great story-teller. I too share your anxieties about what will happen in the Middle East following the reelection of President Obama. The Middle East faces many daunting challenges and I am sure that the United States will continue to play an active role in solving these pressing issues. The question that I now have is how will Obama’s policies towards Israel and the Middle East affect Netanyahu’s election? I guess we will have to wait this one out together, Aubrey!

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