What Will He Do Next

As of Wednesday Britain announced that they would be working with the rebel military leaders and Turkey NATO members to remove the Syrian President Assad from office. They plan on using Patriot missiles to form a safe zone inside Syria. This announcement and the recent re-election of President Barack Obama have lead to all eyes on the U.S and their plan in Syria. U.S being an ally of Britain is expected to take a firm stance to end the deadlocked civil war in Syria. This has been an ongoing conflict since March 2011 and certain countries feel strongly that something needs to be done and the U.S needs to get involved. British Prime Minister David Cameron was quoted saying, “U.S, Britain, and other allies should do more to ‘shape the opposition’ into a coherent force and open channels of communication directly with rebel military commanders” Britain is obviously ready to make moves so now we just wait to see what the recently re-elected president decides to do.

Now that the election is over the belief is that Obama will now be able to focus more attention on Syria and will jump right on board with Britain’s plan to deploy the missiles necessary. Conflict is continuing to escalade in Syria with rebels making a new push into the capital on Wednesday, conflicting with troops. These have been some of the worst battles in the capital in months.

There are already meetings scheduled between diplomats from U.S, Britain, France, Turkey, and Syrian opposition groups, yet nothing has been said of what they will discuss. Their main concern is respecting human rights and international human rights norms, rejecting terrorism, and working towards a peaceful political establishment. Any captured Assad loyalist will be respected and not abused. Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hauge said “talks with rebel military would not involve advice on military tactics or support for their operations,” he also stated that “Britain would not consider offering weapons to Assad’s opponents.”

All these major countries such as the U.K are looking to Obama to make an important decision in the near future to aid in Syria. Cameron the British Prime Minister is quoted saying, “Right here in Jordan I am hearing appalling stories about what has happened inside Syria, so one of the first things I want to talk to Barack about is how we much do more to try and solve this crisis” It seems as if people are putting a lot of emphasis on the U.S as a key country in helping during times of crisis.

Barack must be feeling the pressure only just re-elected and already being asked to make major decision such as getting involved in a Civil war. I can’t imagine the anxiety and pressure someone of such power must feel. Not even a second of rest from the election to work, everyone is counting on him to make the right decisions, which is not always easy. So what will he do?



One thought on “What Will He Do Next

  1. Hopefully the decision made by the president is in the best interest of the citizens in Syria and the continuation of rejecting terrorism. President Obama has proven many times that he is well verses and open-minded with international issues (which is why he is so popular abroad). It is also important to see Presidents Assad’s viewpoint (weather you disagree or agree with his leadership). Here is a link to a CNN interview I saw recently.

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