Four More Years Of…

The U.S. Presidential election has finally come to a close and people will now begin to worry and stress over the next big issue… the December APOCALYPSE. Whether or not that will actually happen, one thing is for sure; the media will outdo themselves yet again. The “blame” game seemed to play a big role in some (conservative) media outlets the day after the election, calling out Liberal propaganda and the new diverse America for the reasons why Romney lost the election.

As the 2012 U.S. Presidential election came to a close on Tuesday, November 6, Obama will have another term to “change” America and move it “forward.” Obama stole both the popular vote by about 3 million and the electoral college 303-206. The senate remains majority democratic although the house shifted majority conservative. Many will argue that Obama’s policies are’t what’s right for America though how do we really know? After hearing Barack’s inspiring re-election speech, I wonder if he truly has the ability to accomplish his goals because the capacity is most certainly there. As an American citizen, I hope that his administration’s policies are looking out for America’s best interests both domestically and globally. Even though Congress remains split, America’s real hope is the hope for a bilateral government who cooperates for the benefit of the entire nation.

Israel still remains America’s greatest strategic ally in the Middle East region which is why Obama and America will always support them financially and via military aid. As tensions continue to rise with Iran’s capability of attaining nuclear weapons, it will be interesting to see how Obama handles the situation because he is against sending troops in. I believe he will stay on course with Israel’s agenda in this matter.

In regards to Lebanon, I don’t think Obama being elected will really change anything significantly. In 2010, the USAID invested $109 million to benefit Lebanese programs such as support for increasing democratic pratices and promotion of the rule of law; strengthening civil society within the country; capacity develoment of teacher skills and improved learning environments in public schools; reducing pollution of the Upper Litani River and improving water management; and increasing incomes and expanding job creation.

Do you think Obama’s policies will benefit or harm society as we continue into the future? Do you believe wealthy Americans will still continue to support Prime Minister Netanyahu? Finally, what would be the first thing you would do after winning a Presidential election?



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