The Turkish invasion

The Convergence of civilizations and exchange of knowledge between communities is essential for the development and growth of these communities, and the openness of countries has multiple advantages and it creates an atmosphere of collaboration among these countries.

TV series and movies became the best way for any country to spread their culture, morals and social habits. Nowadays Turkish series are very popular in the Arab world, particularly in Lebanon.

Satellite started presenting Turkish series since 2006 and regular rate was seen for this new type of series, suddenly, the number of viewers increased until it became the drama preoccupation of the minds of a large proportion and it took a great deal of interest in a wide range of debates.

The purpose of promoting Turkish drama was to find some kind of publicity and to promote tourists areas, in recent years Turkey has become the top travel destination in the region for Arabs,

Turkish productions now make up 60 percent of all programs of Middle Eastern broadcasters, and the demand keeps on growing.

as Hurriyat newspaper said that Gumus (Noor) the Turkish TV series helped in increasing the number of tourists in turkey, the location were this series was filmed is grabbing the attention of all the tourists, and tickets was made to visit the location where the series was filmed and each ticket is worth 60$.

The show was such a success that 85 million Arabs tuned in to watch the series finale broadcast in 2008.

Since the success of Gumus (noor), the Arab world has been demanding more and more Turkish dramas, and Turkey has been sending them over. This coincides with the increasing popularity Turkey enjoyed in the region in recent years.

Most of these series are filmed in a good atmosphere, luxury, beautiful and attractive costumes and music. Also they review the social relationships and exciting events that show loyalty, betrayal, selfishness and other contradictions behaviors which motivate the viewer to wait for what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

We don’t have to forget that the major characters in this series are always given to handsome, actors which made them models for lovers. It became clear in the recent trend of romantic teen that many Arab girls want their lover, boyfriend or future husband to be like the handsome, brave, kind guys in the Turkish series.

kivanc tatlitug is one of the Turkish actors who has attracted most Arab girls, and is looked at as role model and an example of what they wish their soulmate to be like

We can say that what’s happening proves that the effect of art does not match any other effect, art is very close to human and joined directly with feelings. What do you think are the reasons for Arab viewer passion to pursue foreign dubbed drama?!


2 thoughts on “The Turkish invasion

  1. It seems like Turkey is the equivalent to the U.S California (Hollywood) where these actors and actresses portray an alternative society that everyone wishes to be in. Just like in the Middle East young girls will fall in love with these handsome actors and hope to one day find a man just like them. This is kind of an unrealistic expectation but what is wrong with a little fantasy.

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