America’s new president will not make a change

At this exact moment, Americans are on their ways to vote. Obama or Romney?

For some people, it is not much of a question, their answer is clear. Whereas others are simply not sure who of these two can handle the country better, and keep America on its way up the ladder, and not take it down.

For all I know, Obama is simply more popular. Yet what I have been thinking about much lately, is who of these two would work for the best interest of everyone, including the region?

The thing is, on my way to university, I have often been hearing discussions on the radio going on among Arab-Americans. At a time that most people consider Romney the second Bush to come, most of those conversations were more supportive of Obama.

These Arab-Americans viewed Romney as a person who would not consider the Arab population, and not be fair while handling the foreign policy and interacting with different regions. Here, I was grabbed by one of the students who said, “even Obama has a plan to erase Palestinian presence”. Her point of view showed neither support to either candidates. She explained how Obama is a president who openly acknowledged the presence of the Israeli state, and showed absolute support to it, despite the latest political arguments.

I have to agree with her. Obama sincerely made it clear in one of his speeches that he supports Israel disregarding Palestine as an original owner of the land.

The reason I was once a fan of Obama is because he was change in himself. He was elected a president at a time most people didn’t think he would make it, and he is humble and close to the people, trying to resolve every problem America faces. Yet the cause I am mostly interested in, and the one that the next President of America will have a say in, is the Palestinian cause.

Both these candidates will continue their full support of Israel, despite claiming to care for justice and freedom and peace; three things Israel will never let the region enjoy. Political reasons, or whichever other reason, no American president will ever be fair regarding this matter. It is simply not of their interest to lose their one obvious ally in this area of the world.

America is now voting for its next president, and whether he makes a change in the social security system, or the taxing system, the foreign policy will always remain against the benefit of the homeless Palestinians.


2 thoughts on “America’s new president will not make a change

  1. You’re right in your claim that American foreign policy will remain to benefit the state of Israel because they are America’s sole ally in the region. The idea of creating peace in the region I believe has to be left to the Lebanese, Palestinians and Israelis to figure out. These countries are the one’s living the reality of violence and constant fear so they shouldn’t rely on America to fix their problem. Sadly, I think the problem is extremely complicated and may not ever be fixed (hopefully not). However, America will continue to give financial and military aid to Israel as well as food to the less fortunate no matter who gets elected. Here is a stat of how much relief the IDF gives the Palestinians every day… You may believe this is bias because of your anti-Israel stance, but try and rationalize the idea that Israel isn’t entirely bad.

  2. This is the Jews library, they are gonna show what they want to show you and neglect the other bad. I guess I can’t really focus on the aid Israel pretends to be enriching Palestinians with when I hear of a child killed and abused every single day. I think at some times, matters such as this link need to be overlooked to reach the bigger picture. If Israel could, it would kill every Palestinian. One of the polls show that even Israeli individuals would prefer if they did not see an Arab in their lives, and this was mentioned in one of my previous blogs, so i guess this aid issue does not make a difference in what Israel really is.

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