French President Visits Lebanon

In Beruit, French President Francois Hollande stated that they would protect Lebanon against threats of destabilization caused by the fallout of the bloody conflict in neighboring Syria. He also praised President Michel Sleiman’s efforts to preserve national unity.

President Hollande stated,” Because Lebanon should be capable of preserving its unity, stability and safety, France will spare no effort to guarantee Lebanon’s independence, sovereignty and unity.” He continued with, “I want to remind again those who may have any interest in destabilizing Lebanon that France will strongly and with all its strength oppose this. Lebanon constitutes an example of unity. It has recently gone through many difficulties and it must be protected.”

The French President wants to stress that even thought Lebanon is neighbors of Syria, Lebanon should not be the victim of turmoil. He claims that everything should be done to protect Lebanon and that this is the French stance on the matter. He also added that France is ready to support the Lebanese security forces, mainly the Lebanese army, and supply them with arms and equipment to help them protect democracy, civil peace, and fight terrorism.

These remarks came after more than two weeks since the assassination of police intelligence chief Brig Gen. Wissam al-Hassan. His assassination triggered clashes in Beirut and in the North between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad. This may be one of the reasons for the French Presidents words and is viewed as a display of support for Sleiman’s efforts to preserve stability in the face of security threats following tensions linked to Hasan’s assassination.

For his part, Sleiman, who has launched consultations with rival leaders to resolve the government crisis, renewed his call for National Dialogue. He said he reaffirmed to Hollande “Lebanon’s commitment to avoid the negative repercussions” of the turmoil in Syria. Sleiman said he briefed Hollande on his ongoing consultations with rival parties to find a solution “to end the state of tension and anxiety” arising from Hasan’s assassination. He said Lebanon has overcome the threat of instability following Hasan’s killing.

This dialogue displayed in Lebanon is great news because it shows international support in the Middle East. This can hopefully lead to more dialogue with every country. It seems that there is a lot of support for Lebanon in this confusing time.


4 thoughts on “French President Visits Lebanon

  1. France’s interest in Lebanon shows how many foreign countries are keeping positive ties within the Middle East for strategic reasons. Due to the chaos in the region, a lot is at stake for many foreign countries. Ensuring that they have allies will help make sure their future is positive. It is also interesting that many countries are leaning towards Lebanon and opposing Syria’s hostile climate. I think that many people do not want to see violence spill over into Lebanon for fear of the repercussions. Since Lebanon has remained somewhat out of violence throughout Syria’s turmoil, I think many countries are better able to support them.

    1. I feel that many countries are keeping ties within the Middle East for strategic reasons as well. However,I feel that many countries fear the Middle East and they keep ties with them for that reason as well. I believe that Lebanon is almost like a melting pot for cultures and are more acceptable to positive change.

  2. It’s great to hear support for Lebanon’s International support. Countries outside the region ostracizing Syria is critical for some kind of resolution to this violence. Having France’s support is very beneficial for Lebanon, along with any other foreign aid. Lebanon is particularly in focus here because of their location bordering Syria and the threat of a violence overspill. This brings up an interesting topic of allies in the Middle East. The relationships are historical and complex and hold to be very important in the present. If Lebanon were to get involved with violence in Syria or be invaded by the conflict it brings the start to a potential war with many strong allies. Do you think that the French President Francois Hollande wants to protect Lebanon from the bloody conflict, or to protect themselves from the possibility of entering a war?

  3. The visit conducted by the French president is very much appreciated but let us not forget that the role being played by France is not that impact on the world stage anymore and regarding the negative influence son the internal political scene i must say that all the neighboring countries are doing their bets to disrupt the Lebanese political scene…

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