Israel in Lebanese

إسرائيل باللّبنانية


On the 1st of November 2012 a Facebook page under the name “Israel in Lebanese” was launched, the page admin calls it the Israeli embassy in Lebanon. Shortly after it was launched it made a cyber controversy where many upset Lebanese Facebook users found the page very offensive and out of place, the page admin replied with a post and said “قل لنا كيف تكتب … نقل لك ما هي حضارتك”, meaning “show us how you write… we’ll tell you what your culture is”.

The page says its mission is to bring Lebanon and Israel closer, and that it wants to go past the bloodshed and violence between the two “countries” and show us the good heart and love that Israel has for the Lebanese people. Needless to remind all readers of the history of attacks Israel has held on Lebanon, latest as long ago as 2010 when Israeli Defense Forces crossed the blue line to cut off a tree on Lebanese soil because it caused a blind spot for the Israeli border monitors.

In 2006 some more than 1,500 Lebanese lives were taken by Israeli fires of all sorts. These 1,500 people left behind thousands of mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and relatives, who still today grief the murder of their loved ones. A war was always understood to be on a battle field, but these were civilians, people just about their day.

Posting pictures titled “the beauty of Israel”, well Lebanon was beautiful in 1982, Lebanon was beautiful in 2006 and today in 2012 WE have rebuilt and made Lebanon beautiful again knowing that any moment it can be destroyed because Israel chose that it should.

The cursing, the bad words and the threats come from nearly 65 years of living oppressed and in fear. They’re coming from families who have lost 30,000+ lives since 1982.

Israel asks me to show you how I write? Well I can show the world how Israel teaches its children to write, Lebanese children might post cursing comments on a Facebook page, but never would a Lebanese ever consider exposing kids to rockets and ask them to sign letters on a missile head “to children of Lebanon… with love”. Teaching Israeli children to hate Lebanese people, even sending individualized rockets to Lebanon and then they say they come in peace. This letter is not in sign of peace, these are the words behind all the cursing, the words most Lebanese people can’t express because of the rage they have from when Israel took a loved one away, these are the words of a people who will die like cedar trees standing tall with their roots deep in their homeland.

This is how I write!                                                                 




6 thoughts on “Israel in Lebanese

  1. David, very surprising article. It reveals some events (personally signed rockets) that I was unaware of. If you have a link to an article about that, I would be interested in reading it. From what I hear about Israeli’s loving and respectful values, it saddens me to learn that children are being shaped into future oppressors and this I believe is the farthest thing that we need to stabilize relation and establish peace.

  2. You say that Israeli people teach their children to hate the Lebanese. Do you think that the Lebanese people, likewise, teach their children to hate the Israelis? Can you think of any reason (however minute) that could justify Israeli’s hate for the Lebanese people?

    I think that it is important to not perpetuate this hatred from generation to generation. However, this appears to be the case. Until this culture of hatred is ameliorated, I doubt peace can ever exist in the region.

  3. This blog post was very haunting to me and saddening. The hatred has because a cultural norm and reading about how involved the children are is striking and alarming. I think that Jackson raises an insightful question in his comment, do you think that the Lebanese are also teaching their children to hate the Israelis? What can be done to end the passing down and teaching of hate? Additionally, I have never seen or heard of these signed rockets. It is interesting that these have been kept out the media, at least they are not prominent in American news.

  4. It is unreal to me that children can be taught to hate at such young ages. I cannot think of anything when I was young that I had such strong feelings against. It shows some of the major difference in the two worlds. Lebanon and Israel have been enemies but it is sad to see that children at young ages are taught this. Do the youth in Lebanon also receive the same message? We are told that chidren are our future, they are the ones that will have to make changes when older generations are gone. The fact that children in Israel are taught to hate Lebanon, and maybe vice versa, it is hard to see when this hatred will end. The hope for the future are being taught the same hatred so when will there be peace?

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