If the world could vote

If the world could vote in the upcoming United States presidential election, the race would be anything but close. As it stands now, President Obama and Governor Romney are in a tie in national polls. This tight race means that there is even more importance on crucial swing states such as Ohio. In Ohio, the race is in a deadlock as well, with Obama leading Romney slightly by two percentage points.

The President is often referred to as the leader of the free world. Therefore, maybe the rest of the world should be the ones to break the tie in this very close race. If the world did cast their vote on November 6, Obama would be easily reelected. In a recent UPI/C-Voter/WIN-Gallup international poll, 26,000 men and women were surveyed in 32 countries. Out of these 32 countries, 31 of them would cast their vote for Obama. This landslide victory is far from what Obama is expecting in the United States. In the survey, 51 percent of respondents said they would vote for Obama. Eighteen percent said they would not vote for either candidate and twelve percent said they would vote for Romney.

Of the 32 countries surveyed, 31 overwhelmingly favor President Obama in the upcoming presidential election.

When taking a look at the countries that support Obama, the majority of his support is in countries in western and northern Europe. France is his number one supporter with respondents in the country favoring Obama from anywhere between 70 and 90 percent. Outside of Europe, other countries that heavily favor Obama are Brazil, Colombia, Panama, and Canada. Support for Obama in these countries is in the 60 to 70 percent range. His popularity is so high in some parts of Brazil that candidates for municipal government offices have used his name to attract voters. Obama also has high support in the Asia-Pacific region in countries such as Australia, Indonesia (where Obama grew up as a young boy), and South Korea.

Countries in which Obama is not polling as favorable in as he was in 2008 are still overwhelmingly in favor of Obama over Romney. These countries include China, Mexico, Poland, Greece, Peru, and Lebanon. Obama’s polling numbers have dropped in these countries but he still has a large lead over Romney is who polling only in the single digits in these countries.

Out of these 32 countries that were surveyed, one in fact did have higher levels of support for Romney than Obama: Israel. In an Israel Democracy Institute/Tel Aviv University poll conducted last week, the majority of respondents expressed that Romney’s interests were more in line with their own than the interests of Obama. Only 25 percent of respondents thought their interests were similar to Obama’s. When broken down into Jewish and Arab Israelis, 57 percent favor Romney and 45 percent favor Obama respectively.

If the world could vote in the United States’ presidential election, Romney would be handily defeated. Obama has greater support than Romney in almost every country in the world. This contrast will have great implications for whoever is elected to be the next President. If Obama is elected, the world will be more cooperative with and welcoming to Obama’s foreign policies. On the other hand, if Romney wins the election, he will face much more hostility abroad than would Obama if he were elected. Why do you think that other nations overwhelmingly support Obama? What do you think would continue/change in the Middle East if Obama is reelected or Romney in elected?


One thought on “If the world could vote

  1. I found this to be very interesting as the election is almost upon us. After the last debate focused on foreign policy, much of what I heard on the radio talk shows and television discussions the following days supported this statement. Many explained how Romney was trying to debate on a topic he was not comfortable with so he was restating known information and somewhat making circles around the facts. Some thought Obama did great while others found faults in his responses as well. To discover that there is such an overwhelming vote for Obama verse Romney is very surprising to me. The media here constantly reminds us how close the vote is within our borders, not often do they touch on the world views. This leads me to believe that no matter who you are in support for this information highlights the difficulty we might find in our foreign relations if Romney does take office. If he doesn’t have the support that Obama has, it is a great question as to how this may affect our future policies. With this in mind, there is the flip side to consider, such as Israel. It is one of those countries that have been the topic of discussion when it comes to Obama’s relations with them and how it has said to have declined. I am so anxious to see how the upcoming election turns out and this adds to my unrest.

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