Early Dismissal of Knesset

In early October an announcement was made that Israel would hold their parliamentary elections in January 2013,  ahead of when they are supposed to be. The current Israeli parliament was in disagreement on current issues. With this in mind each member of the parliament gathered to discuss how to move forward. The solution they came to an agreement on was to move the elections forward.

This decision was made on the basis of a few objectives. Israel is worried about the economy weakening. The parliament could not agree on a budget for the next year,Israeli PM Netanyahu Announces Early Elections which could have detrimental effects on the economy of Israel. Netanyahu did not feel that members of the parliament would be focused enough on the country as a whole to make the best decision. Prime Minister Netanyahu stated, “An election year is approaching, and in such years it is difficult for parties to put the national interest ahead of the party’s interest. The consequence could… massively increase the deficit, which can impair our economy… I won’t let that happen here.” He wants to make sure that all important governmental decisions have the sole focus of all Knesset (Israeli government) members and they are not distracted by the campaign and election.

This is not the first time the Knesset has not made it the full term; in fact it is more common that the parliament is disbanded before the term is complete. Over the past few decades, only one of the Knesset has completed the full time in power without holding early elections. The thought of the government not completing their time in office seems odd when compared to the United States. In the US a President stays in power for the full 4 years unless they resign, are impeached, or death. The US government does not simply gather and vote for everyone to step down. One factor that creates this difference comes from Israeli’s multi-party parliament. There is not only one party represented in the Israeli government but many; this creates more of a balance so each party has a say in the government.

It has been contemplated on whether dismissing the Knesset early is a tactful move ny Netanyahu. He has lots of support in the upcoming election and many are curious if moving the election forward is to seal his win. Netanyahu also recently announced his choice to run on a joint ticket with Yisrael Bietienu party. The two leaders of the party hold 1/3 of the seats in Knesset and together are a power force. With the two big announcements Netanyahu has made recently, dismissing the Knesset and joining parties, it seems he will not have much of a challenge in the January 2013 elections.



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