Female Violence on the Rise

Current reports have surfaced of a group being called the ‘Burkha Brigade”, which is a women’s clan that is being taught military strategies and fighting skills by extremist organizations. A recent YouTube video on the web shows the training of these women, which has sparked much concern from leaders around the world. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, which are the supposed leaders of this group, are teaching these women to fight and infiltrate Western military bases. These women are also learning how to use military weapons and how to get past security. This is yet another advancement that Middle Eastern terrorism organizations are using to battle their opponents in the West.

This is surely not the first known use of women for means of terrorism and violence. In the 1980’s, Lebanon became one of the first countries to start using women as suicide attackers. Other countries, especially in the Middle East, followed. This included places such as Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This trend has grown ever so popular in recent years for many reasons.

One of the reasons we are seeing so many women suicide bombers in the Middle East is because of their ability to disguise weapons and bombs under their long cloaks. Women are much more able to be inconspicuous and do not attract much attention. This gives terrorism groups a tactical advantage when it comes to disguising the terrorism attack. Also, women are much less likely to be accused of such things and can avade arrest more easily. Even at US checkpoints, it is offensive for soldiers to perform close body searches on women. This allows for much ease in the ability of women to carry out acts of violence.

With women’s rights gaining much more ground than ever before in most places of the world, is it a coincidence that women are being thrown into violence and other acts that have usually only been for men? With inequality a big issue in some places in the Middle East, some people are calling these acts of terrorism by women a way of ‘equalizing a patriarchal society’. Despite the reason why many women have chosen this path, it is definitely a trend that is continually rising throughout the Middle East.

Since Israel is the only country in the world which requires mandatory military service requirements by women, it made me wonder whether or not these women were more violent and if they were involved in some of these violent terrorism organizations. Israel is in the Middle East and is constantly being reminded of it. Despite this, its roots as a country based upon Judaism have kept it somewhat sheltered from terrorist organizations’ infiltration. I think that this has accounted for some of the reasons why women from Israel have typically not really been found to be suicide attackers. Most of the women involved in this are extremist Muslims or part of the Jihad.

The United States also leads the world in military involvement by women. Although women are not required to serve a certain amount of time, women in the military are becoming increasingly popular. With the current war in the Middle East, many women are seeing terrorism and violence in the Middle Eastern region firsthand. Despite this, I do not think that women from the US coming from violent experiences will affiliate with terrorism organizations or become suicide attackers. Hopefully this trend stays overseas, but do you think there is a possibility that as more women become militarily trained, they will become more violent and engage in these activities? Also, do you think with women’s rights on the rise the same will be true?


One thought on “Female Violence on the Rise

  1. This post reminded me of a movie I watched in one of my history classes, The Battle of the Algiers. This video is about the Algerian people fighting for freedom from their French colonizers. In it, there are scenes where women dressed like westerners to distract security and then planted bombs in buildings used by the French. My understanding is that this was based on true events, although when I tried to research it I found few sources that did not directly reference the movie. I posted the scene below.

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