A Not So Funny Cartoon



This comic strip was feature in the Athens News and I thought it was appropriate to share, especially after learning about the bomb strikes in Yemen.  I also remembered watching a video about drones and how they are protecting the lives of our troops. The video made the drones appear very accurate, claiming that they seldom missed their mark or killed the wrong person, but that never rested well with me.  Many will think I am un-American for saying this but I can’t help but to think that it is better to risk the lives of troops (who signed up accepting that risk) than the lives of children and innocent bystanders who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I am not sure I believe that foot soldiers and manned planes are anymore accurate than drones though, so I am not exactly condemning their use. It just seems a little sick to me that someone can sit, safely in a room thousands of miles away and kill people who can’t see it coming and can’t protect themselves. What are your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “A Not So Funny Cartoon

  1. This blog really puts into perspective how not serious some people take these sort of issues. Why is it okay to kill innocent people to spare other innocent people? The cartoon had a sarcastic mocking tone yet seemed to express the feelings of the author towards these drone killings. I can understand the anger towards these situations when people pretend like everything the U.S does is justified and alright. This cartoon to me can’t be called offensive since everyone has a right to an opinion. When the drone says in the comic, “WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICAN TROOPS?” It makes me laugh because I feel like people pull these types of lines all the time, as if no one is allowed to not agree with everything the U.S does because then that would be un-American.

    1. These US strikes are seen as an invasion and an occupation, because they resulted in the death of many innocent people and destruction. And the US still justifies these acts in the name of fighting “terror.

  2. I think this post is really interesting. I agree with Brittnee, although it is a sad thought to think of it seems that risking the lives of men who have signed up for their positions is much better than innocent lives being lost for being in the wrong place. The cartoon seems to be very opinionated, but once again it is American for the artist to have their own opinion. Therefore, I think this is justified.

  3. I might sound “un-American” too here Brittnee in using this word in relation to these drone attacks but I honestly see it as, in a way, terrorism on the part of the U.S. I am not saying it is exactly terrorism because a terrorist attack is characterized by targeting civilians (among other criteria) which these drones claim to not be doing…but….civilians are still being killed. The U.S. justifies these civilian deaths by saying it is protecting American lives, as if they are more highly valued than other lives. Not to mention if another country EVER did something like this to the U.S. the civilian deaths would be an enormous deal and I guarantee we would not accept a countries justification of “oh we were just trying to protect the lives of our own people.” Our hypocrisy is disgusting.

  4. I thought this comic strip accurately portrayed the way many Americans feel. Many feel that we have the right to do how we please, even if it means killing innocent bystanders. I agree that while it does sound bad to say it would be better to risk the troops than the innocent children, that is the job that they signed up to do. The troops volunteered their lives to fight for America so I do not think that drones should be used if they continue to harm innocent bystanders. I also agree with Allison’s statement that if another country had a drone over the U.S. that was killing our citizens it would not be tolerated. The US would see that as a serious attack against our country and would create heavy conflict. With that being said I do not understand how the US can fly these drones over other countries and say it is okay when they would have a completely opposite opinion if it was against our country.

  5. As I read the comic strip my jaw dropped lower and lower.. I do not find this comedic. If anything, it’s condescending and a mockery of what a comic should be. However, the first few blurbs the drone states are true. Drones kill innocent people, I’m willing to bet they kill and harm MANY more than we here about. BUT, America CANNOT use 9/11 as a reason to justify their actions anymore. Sure, it was a horrendous attack and it changed the world we live in but people have to move on, and they will. We don’t hold grudges due to Pearl Harbor anymore… This cartoon is sick though. Death is not a laughing matter.

    1. While I can see where your disgust with this political cartoon is coming from, I think that the cartoon does a good job an provoking a conversation on this matter of drone strikes. I think that this aspect is what we should take away from the cartoon. Instead of condemning the cartoon, we should instead discuss the reasons for why this cartoon was made in the first place. After all, that dialogue is the true purpose of the friendly drone Droney.

  6. I must say I was very familiar with this cartoon. Not surprised at all, consent that the author had enough awareness, and sad to know that this is truth. I live in an area that is very close to all the drama brought in by the US. Trust me, these drones sadly do hit innocent citizens, and do terrorize people. I do not really think it is a matter of protecting troops, I believe it is a matter of doing what these troops cannot do, because then they would be blamed as there would be no excuse or reason for why a soldier killed a civilian, yet when we speak about the drones, they “could have simply missed the target” as they explain. It’s sad but true, evil is part of this entire world, and even America, the “great land” has a bad side to it that we can so much call terrorist. After all, terrorism is the killing of innocent civilians ; a hate crime.

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