Lollapalooza in Israel?

On the water logged Saturday, or day 2, of lollapalooza in Chicago this summer, Perry Farrell, Lollapalooza founder, announced that the franchise would be expanding to the Middle East in 2013.

As of Summer 2013, Lollapalooza has been rocking the US for 22 year. The festival started in 1991 as a farewell tour to Jane’s Addiction, but continued to run annually. Festivals in general bring people together and are a great time for people of all ages. Lollapalooza in Chicago draws people from all over the country, and even from Canada, to come together and enjoy the great music that is played. However, this could cause quite a controversy in Middle East with the disputes happening between many of the countries. Or it could help people put aside their differences and enjoy what Lollapalooza has to offer.

People from all over the world come to see the artists at Lollapalooza. In Tel Aviv this summer, it could draw in crowds across the middle east and eastern Europe. Most of the conflict within Israel is not located in Tel Aviv which is beneficial for the large music festival, but could cause issues for concert goers traveling.

Getting into Israel from another country in the middle east is very difficult due to tight security. Especially with such a large festival taking place in Israel’s most populous city featuring internationally known artists. I wouldn’t be surprised if streets were closed down with extra law enforcement on call.

Lollapalooza could be the glue that binds the middle east together again. Although unlikely, having popular artists playing will draw people from all over, and could influence people to set aside their differences and enjoy the festival. People from Lebanon could be interested in the same type of music as people from Israel, so their might be lebanese people wanting to go to Tel Aviv for Lollapalooza just to see their favorite artist.

I just hope that this does not do the opposite. It would be such a tragedy if having Lollapalooza in Tel Aviv just causes more problems, and conflicts. It would be a shame to have such an awesome event/experience be withdrawn due to conflicts and political disputes.

The festival will be held on August 20-22, 2013 in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park. This will be “the first large-scale global music event in the country.” (Quan) NMC United, a prominent home entertainment and music distributor and publisher in Israel, and Plug Productions Generator, a leading production and promotion company are bringing the festival to Israel.

Why Israel? Tel Aviv is known for its international culture, and is known all over the world for its art, architecture, and nightlife. (Lollapalooza) There are no festivals in Tel Aviv, and there is a lot of interest in music from all over world, and a yearning to see it live. None of the top artists are traveling to Israel and having Lollapalooza will be a huge benefit for Tel Aviv as well as Israel.

The festival needs to be in a city. Festival goers need to be able to have easy access to hotels, restaurants and bars. Tel Aviv will be quite a different experience for Lollapalooza because there is no curfew. There will be a large number of after parties, and the actual festival schedule will be able to be more flexible.

As a major city in Israel, Tel Aviv can handle a crowd. Hosting more than 100,000 people over a three day period, will be a lot to handle, but it will be very beneficial as well. All of those people need places to stay, places to eat, and things to do on downtown. Lollapalooza will be extremely beneficial for Tel Aviv’s economy.


8 thoughts on “Lollapalooza in Israel?

  1. I think this is an awesome idea! Security issues aside, Israel is a destination for party goers, beach lovers and history buffs. Overall, the beauty of the land and Tel Aviv being located off the Mediterranean makes Israel a great “global destination” for this well known music festival. However, I do believe that they may move the festival if tensions continue to rise between Israel and their counterparts. Hopefully not though. Tel Aviv encompasses the majority of Israeli nightlife and entertainment so there will be plenty for visitors to do other than attend the festival. People will be shouting, “Yalla to Lalla!”

  2. This following statement alone gives me enough to comment about: “People from Lebanon could be interested in the same type of music as people from Israel, so their might be lebanese people wanting to go to Tel Aviv for Lollapalooza just to see their favorite artist.”
    Firstly, Lebanon and Israel do not have normal relations. In fact, there was a ceasefire to the 2006 war, that means they are still in a legal state of war. How can you expect a Lebanese citizen to visit its enemy’s state for a concert (no matter how big it is)?
    Secondly, claiming that music will unite people undermines the depth of the Arab-Israeli conflict. As an Arab citizen, visiting Israel would imply my acknowledgment of its legitimacy. And, besides, as a Lebanese, it is legally and officially forbidden for me to come back into Lebanon if I entered Israel.
    Thirdly, out of all the countries in the Middle East, why host the Lollapalooza in such a controversial venue? There are other cities eligible to host 100,000 people over 3 days. Hosting in Tel Aviv is just a part of the normalization process, a part of the process which attempts to normalize relations with Israel. No matter the cultural initiatives, the political and historical context is still there and won’t be overshadowed.
    Lastly, this Lollapalooza will create a wave of boycotts. I predict so with reasons. The most recent boycott campaign was against the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who had a concert in Tel Aviv 4 days after their Beirut venue. So, I do not see how this festival will bridge the gaps between the two peoples. Cultural events cannot unite people whose main obstacle is a history filled with struggle and conflict.

    1. I agree with Fatima. Besides, i don’t believe anything could bridge the gap between Israel and Lebanon, neither food nor music. Whatever the similarities people from Israel and Lebanon have (food, music..etc), i don’t believe we can just easily make note of them to create peace between the two countries.

      1. How can we even look for similarities when our airspace is being violated by Israeli planes on an almost-obvious daily basis? How can we be asked to put aside our political opinions and acknowledge similarities between us and the people of a political entity who poses a threat to the Arab nation? How can we be asked to just forget everything Israel has done since 1948 and just applaud it for hosting a music festival?

  3. The concerts will not ease the pain that Israel caused to the Lebanese people because we will never forget what Israel put us and our ancestors through.
    NOTHING will bring the Lebanese and Israelis together.
    Israelis can enjoy nice festival while killing the Palestinians on Arab land
    Hope they enjoy this festival while Palestinians are dying.

  4. How can anyone think that things such as food and music can make relations between two countries better! we are at state of war, we wake up everyday fearing that today the war will return, Israelis constantly threaten our lands and people, and the Israeli soldiers keep on committing crimes against the innocents. and you want us as Lebanese to attend Lollapalooza to see our favorite artists?
    I would love to go to Palestine and see the Aqsa mosque, yet I cannot even do that, because at sometimes Israelis prevent Muslims from praying there and might even kill anyone who tries to! and you want me to think of a music event in the middle of a conflict that shows brutality and hideous crimes?
    And just as Fatima said, the reason they chose Tel Aviv is controversial enough for me and is not accepted and will result with boycott. Everything is related to politics, hummus and music artists are only means used to try and acknowledge the presence of the Israeli state, and I cannot agree to such an acknowledgment,

  5. Reading these responses makes me think to myself that blatant ignorance will inhibit any kind of progress to peace, even when it comes to something as trivial as music. It’s disturbing.

  6. Excuse me, but fighting for a cause is not ignorance. Being able to neglect massacres and killings is the ignorance in itself. Giving up a land for the sake of a music festival is simply absurd. But again, you would not know why we have strong views because your country was never taken over, you were never kicked out of your home, your family was never abused, and you never had an enemy kill someone close to you. You have not witnessed war crimes, you have only heard of them and seen them on television. I surely cannot ask you to go to a concert with one of the Qaeda’s members because they are your enemy. and you surely cannot judge that I do not acknowledge the existence of Israel because they are our enemy. World peace has bigger issues to deal with.

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