Virginity for sale!

It might not be an entirely new project, but this one got its fame.

Katrina Mageleorina, a 20 year old Brazilian girl, decided to engage in a project with an Australian production company and be part of a documentary called “Wanted Virgins”. The project is that she sleeps with the person who pays the highest amount of money, and donates the money to the homeless. The plan also states that the act of “giving her virginity” will occur on a plane flying from Australia to the United States.


Her virginity is subjected to an auction, and so far, the highest bet is 255,000$ and it is still going. The money will contribute in building houses for the poor and homeless in her hometown in South Brazil.

It has been a controversial issue, and people everywhere, specifically in Brazil have different opinions towards what this young lady is doing. She declines to have what she is doing be considered as prostitution, and she explains that by saying that it is for a charity cause, and it will help shelter a lot of the unsheltered.

Such an amount of money, which is daily increasing, will contribute in building many houses and will provide help for the needy. Yet the question here, is it really legal, ethical, and noble what she is doing?

For a lot of people who define a woman according to whether she is a virgin or not they completely refuse such an act. The story has reached Lebanon, and for some people, what Katrina is doing is completely unethical and against religion. They cannot define the matter as something other than pure prostitution and gain of fame. Others who are only looking at the cause of what she is doing, support her and believe that a woman should not be identified by her virginity. These people think that not only is Katrina helping the poor, but she is also sending out the message that a woman is free to do whatever she wishes with her own body.

This is one story that went out really loud, but there are many similar to it. Some young girls sell their virginity not to help the homeless, and not for that big of an amount. But for much smaller amounts, and they use the money for different reasons, sometimes for providing their basic needs. This is when this matter openly becomes pure prostitution.

Here we question, is there no other way for Katrina, or any other young girl, to collect the money she needs? Katrina made her choice to engage in this Australian production, and she did it for a “good cause”. Yet the question is to what extent is someone ready to go, in order to reach a certain goal?



11 thoughts on “Virginity for sale!

  1. I have very little patience with such sophomoric, self-promoting, “important cause” theatrics. It is not the prostitution that bothers me so much as the aesthetic ugliness of this whole charade. No thank you, please…

  2. There are other ways that katrina can help homeless people in her country.

    She can raise the voice towards “women rights” (as u mentioned: woman is free to do whatever she wishes with her own body) by other means,

    So i think she is seeking fame by grabbing attention to a critical topic.

  3. The reason I took a case from Brazil is because Katrina’s case became really famous, and it is the latest known incident. It is true that similar cases do exist, not only in the Middle East but everywhere in this world. some women feel they have nothing left to sell but their bodies.

  4. Did not take it as criticism, Just wish I could find known cases in Lebanon. It would help me relate more to the story, but such incidents rarely ever go out to the public.

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