Social media, keeping us all close together

It is hard to know sometimes how our life has changed, until we stop for a moment and look at how different it is from ten or even five years ago. In recent year’s social media, likely more than anything else has significantly impacted most of our daily lives. We are online, not only at work, but from the moment we wake up to moment we go back to bed.

Social media is increasingly being used to find and maintain both old and potentially new friendships, not only friendships but also to fall in love, or maybe to stalk someone.

Democracy, equality, freedom of choice, freedom of information…..cherished values that are gaining new meaning for millions – if not billions of people all over the world.

Remember MySpace? The social networking site from the early 2000s?? Facebook surpassed MySpace’s number of unique visitors in 2009, making it the king of social media.

On Twitter, some individuals now have a million or more followers, Facebook Pages can also have hundreds of thousands of fans, and YouTube videos can get millions of views when they go viral. Most of this content is coming from regular people, rather than big, corporate-owned media organizations.

Also there’s no need to watch television anymore, most of the politicians, artists and many known people have their own Facebook and twitter accounts, where their viewers can be updated about their news and updates, therefore the need of watching television and reading newspaper has decreased. Social media has become the best form of crowd-sourcing one can find.

Social media has also been a huge benefit to family members who live far apart from each other. In the past, sending photos to others was a time-consuming affair, with photos having to be processed and then sent in the mail. Even email could take time, as recipients all had to be added to the email before it could be sent. Social media sites enable you to upload and share photos with all your friends and family at the click of a button.

An example of the importance of social media is the fact that I am enrolled in a course in Ohio while I live in Lebanon.

It is easier than ever to start and launch a business via social media; almost every credible business has a social presence today. For businesses, interaction via social network has almost become a crucial to test out their customer service. LinkedIn has drastically changed how Human Resource professionals seek potential employees.

Social media has made interaction easy; there has never been a better time then now to stay in touch, it truly has invaded our lives. So, what kind of inventions is the future hiding for us??


6 thoughts on “Social media, keeping us all close together

  1. Yet, for me, I find (at times) the “coldness” of social and digital media can make me feel even further, existentially, away from the person I am trying to connect with.

  2. Exactly and that’s the main idea of social media to stay connected with others, we got up to a point when you’re not online you feel uncomfortable.

  3. Although social media made interactions easy, it is still very time consuming, we’re connected to the world 24/7, and as you mentioned above, we feel uncomfortable when we’re not online. Because being connected became a need rather than just a service. And the user, instead of benefiting from this service, became the product that is being sold to the advertiser.

  4. Aya, the present state of social media is immense and I believe will continue to invade our lives and spread across the world. I think social media is both a good and bad thing. First, it helps individuals keep in touch who live far apart and it makes it easier for businesses to interact. I do believe however, that social media is ruining our next generation. The youth of today lack communication and personable skills due to the constant usage of social media and new “Apple” technology. Even though social media and new technology is the way of the future, we can’t forget the simple skills needed to be successful in life. For many, simply having a good conversation rather than texting or fb messaging is a thing of the past.

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