The Threat of Iran’s Nuclear Power

The relationship between Israel and Iran has been a dynamic one throughout the years. Considering the news heard today about the two countries, it is hard to believe Iran and Israel were once allies. Up until the end of the Islamic Revolution, or the Iranian Revolution, in 1979 the countries had close ties. They each profited from the relationship both economically and diplomatically. It wasn’t until the power changed in Iran that the relationship crumbled. Khomeini, in power of the Islamic Republic, declared religious war on Israel, effectively ending all diplomatic relations. From this point on, there are multiple factors that keep Iran and Israel on the edge with each other.

The biggest issue concerning the tension between Iran and Iraq is Iran’s production of nuclear power. Iran has been producing enriched uranium which is used in nuclear weapons. Iran states that they are not using this energy to create a bomb but Israel has other assumptions. Iran is producing the uranium in underground facilities and will not let the UN investigate which raises suspicion.  Recent reports have come out that Iran has greatly increased uranium production rates, which only served to fuel the fire more. Many sanctions are in place to limit the creation of enriched uranium but the UK, France, and Israel are working to convince other countries to increase the sanctions.

Israel is fearful that Iran will use nuclear weapons to annihilate the State of Israel, as Khomeini once wanted to do. This fear caused Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, to create his red-line plan against Iran. The red-line is the point that an attack on Iran should occur, before the second stage of enrichment of uranium occurs to build a nuclear weapon. Netanyahu wants the US to join in this plan, but Obama has a different opinion. The US government feels no attack should be made until there is proof that the weapon is built. This has caused strain between the leaders of the US and Israel. Israel is set to attack Iran before Iran can attack them.

The relationship between Iran and Israel is slowly starting to effect the relationship between the US and Israel. Netanyahu is changing position and backing Mitt Romney in the 2012 election. This is because Romney supports Israel’s plan to attack Iran where Obama does not. Netanyahu was hoping to attack Iran before the election in the US, but that will not happen. The creation on enriched uranium has caused a web of conflicts between US, Israel, and Iran. Allies have become enemies and new positions are being made.


One thought on “The Threat of Iran’s Nuclear Power

  1. I can never figure out what is “real” and what is rhetorical and/or “posturing.” This day this, that day that…

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