Hezbollah Issues Warning

Hassan Nasrallah the head leader of Lebanon-based Hezbollah group and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad the Iranian president stated stern warnings towards Israel that any aggression on their country’s part will be met with an immediate armed response. Nasrallah was quoted back in August saying “fighters will make the lives of Israelis a living hell if it is attacked.” This conflict could potentially end in tens of thousands of deaths. One of the main concerns is if Israel decides to intervene in Iran’s nuclear program; this would lead to another war. The Iranian president feels strongly that one day there will no longer be a Zionist regime and the U.S will never have domination in the new Middle East. The occupied territories should be fully returned to the Palestinians and supporting the Zionist regime goes against basic human rights.

This video is of Hezbollah leader Nasrallah issuing his warning to Israel.

Hezbollah leader mentioned that Israel has several “weak points” which could be targeted, including “economic, industrial, electrical, chemical and nuclear.” Even if Israel launched a first strike attack on Lebanon, destroying a large part of Hezbollah’s missile arsenal, the military group would have the capacity to hit back with deadly force. It doesn’t seem fair that innocent citizens of these countries are in danger when they may not even agree with the issues.

In answer to these threats Israeli General Herzi Halevi said the Israeli military would respond assertively to any rocket attacks aimed at Tel-Aviv, “If we get to another war, Israel will hit Hezbollah decisively, quick, as fast as we can in order to stop the fire from Lebanon to Israel.” I wonder how the citizens of Lebanon and Israel feel about the threats that have been made? Do they disagree with the issues all together or strongly support one side over another?

A response to this threat from Iran and Hezbollah comes from an American citizen expressing, “Hezbollah is a proxy for Iran, they have been fucking with Israel for years. If half the stuff that Hezbollah did to Israel happening in America, the call for blood would be over 90%. Yet we force Israel to play nice, to actually listen to pimps and terrorists like Hezbollah, PLO and Hamas. Israel would be foolish to not take action, to have to live under the good graces of the mullahs is untenable.” A completely opposing opinion from another American citizen states, “If Palestinians tomorrow stopped their activities…so they should stop fighting against an occupier. I think not. Israel is the bully. Yet the US supports Israel not matter what, even when it kills Americans. Israel has weapons of mass destruction. Palestinians have rocks and sticks of dynamite. Israel bombs neighbors’ like Lebanon with impunity (imagine Iraq or Iran doing the same) and Israel bulldozes Palestinians settlements without mercy or humanity. Israel gets our tax dollars and military aid and our so-called leaders allow that bastard Netanyaho shake his finger in out collective face. I am sick of everyone else being villanizied EXCEPT Israel.” These two opinions show how conflicting this fighting has become, people here in American can’t even agree. Both of these quotes come from the website http://www.democraticunderground.com/1014197911 which allows everyone to express their opinions on this issue.

Since this hostility the U.S has warned citizens not to travel into Lebanon because of kidnappings and attacks on U.S citizens. The embassy also announced the suspension of State Department’s flagship Fulbright and English Language Fellow programs in Lebanon; this will cut short research projects and teaching grants for US university students and teachers in Lebanon. However, I do not feel everyone in Lebanon would necessarily agree with Americans feeling unsafe in their country.


5 thoughts on “Hezbollah Issues Warning

  1. Lebanon, just like any other country, encounters a lost of instabilities and security problems. Give me one place that does not have kidnappings on the streets, or life risks on citizens. America is very well known for its danger on the streets. For that, I think Lebanon is among the countries that one would enjoy living at, with no need to be scared. If you can handle living in America, then you can certainly handle living in Lebanon. I think everything here is being over-rated, but basically, it is all about politics, and not really about being worried about citizens in danger.

  2. the thinh is that bashar alasad is not killing the syrian people. he is only trying to keep control over his land and prevent any foreigners such as libyans and tunisians from spreading crimes among the syrian lands

  3. Lynn, I am interested in your comment about America being “known for its danger on the streets”. In your opinion do people typically view America as being more dangerous than their own countries?

    1. My answer is yes. For me, as a Yemeni, i do believe America is more dangerous than my own country. Because the American government does not only send drones to Yemen, but along with Saudi Arabian government, it controls the Yemeni government and protects corrupted presidents like Ali Abduallah Saleh.

  4. To what extent (if at all) do the views of Hassan Nasrallah represent those of the “average” Lebanese? Perhaps even this question is wrong? Perhaps the “average Lebanese” is “conflicted” about such views?

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