Drowned In Trash

Did you know that Lebanon has something called : The Garbage Mountain ? Yes, it is a mountain full of trash, you don’t believe it ? See for yourself.


The Garbage Mountain is located in South of Lebanon in Saida, near the homes of thousands of people and right next to the Mediterranean sea. It looks exactly like any other hill across Lebanon , but as soon as it is approached, the sight of thousands of plastic bags and garbage trucks reveal the nature of this hill if the smell of it hasn’t.

The first thing you notice entering Lebanon is trash everywhere, on the streets, on the roads, in the sea, in the sand, etc…. Children are raised to get rid of their garbage anywhere except in their homes, and with the lack of garbage bins, they are forced to throw on the streets.

The garbage collectors collect most of the waste in all areas, but then the gathered trash ends up in the garbage mountain causing its enlargement. A huge amount of this trash falls into the sea, and is spread across the Mediterranean.

The main problem of the garbage mountain is that anything and everything is dumped in it even chemicals and medical waste. It now has a high concentration of methane that can cause massive unstoppable fires.

Every year the garbage mountain gets bigger and every year it becomes more dangerous, but look at the bright side you can still spot McDonald’s while standing on it.

“The average Lebanese person produces 2.2 pounds of garbage every day. That is 804.6 pounds of garbage per person every year – or 3.1 billion pounds across the country. A very small part of that garbage ends up in bins or gets recycled. Trash is everywhere.” says a theater group who prompts Lebanese to examine attitudes toward consumption and to consider where their trash ends up.

Why do we have such an issue and such a mountain?  Well, the main problem is that there is no legislation, and no real monitoring or accountability concerning trash in Lebanon.  Even though trash is one of the main problems in Lebanon a very few people give it time. The government has no strategy for confronting this problem they just push it to the back of their heads and simply ignore it.

While plans to clean up the site have been circulating for years, political disputes have ensured that the mountain remains one of the country’s most galling eyesores.

Reference : http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Local-News/2012/Jun-16/177062-lebanons-waste-problem-a-ticking-time-bomb.ashx#axzz28q6CezAU




2 thoughts on “Drowned In Trash

  1. This is a very interesting topic! In American the average citizen produced 4.4 pounds of trash per day, which equates to 132 pounds in a month. With the population being roughly 313 million that means on average America as a whole produces 495,792,000,000 pounds per year. Most companies attempt to recycle but recycling faculties are underfunded and understaffed which means most of the “recycling” end up being trash.
    It seems that Lebanon has the same if not larger issue of trash build up that the United States has. It is unfortunate that medical and chemical (bio harzardous too?) are all being dumped on a mount of trash in the open air (which can cause pollution and other issues with safety). Lebanon seems to have the same issue, like the United States where trash doesn’t seem to have a good place to go, due to underfunding and will to recycle.

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