Soldiers gone wild: who will stop them?

At some points, I come to pause and think of all the innocent Jews who deserve to have a land. They are not guilty, they are humans, and just like any other person deserves to have a home and a society to live at, so does every Jew. Yet what stops that thought is the terror policy Israel follows in order to maintain its state.

Perhaps the people who live in Israel do not all agree with the oppression their state has had on Palestinian people, but there’s a big portion that believes Israel is doing whatever it has to do to keep their land, which was never theirs from the first place.

Here I must speak of the difference between Zionists and Jews. Judaism is one of the three religions that have a holy book to follow. For that, it is among the accepted religions, even within Islam. The non accepted part of Jews is the Zionists. If we go back almost a hundred years ago, and dig deeper into the Israeli state and how it was formed, we come to realize that they literally forced themselves in a land that was never their own. Jews had two options, taking over Palestine, or taking over Argentine.

They chose Palestine. They say it’s because Palestine is a holy land of their religion; that’s not true. Palestine is simply an Arab country that has no enough support to stop the Zionists from forcing themselves. Argentine on the other hand has strong allies, and is located far from the Middle East. For that reason, Palestine was an easy target.

Despite the reason, what Jews wanted was a land. They ended up getting not only a land, but also a group of people to play with and entertain themselves by torturing and terrorizing the original owners of this land. A fact which I think is very ironic, because it only shows how silent the world is regarding Palestine. Not only did people give away their land, they fled their homes, lost their children, and are being tortured and treated as a chess board to be invaded by Israeli kings and queens.

Perhaps the Israeli state feels obliged to defend what they believe is their own land and right, and that is why they have soldiers everywhere terrorizing men passing by and stopping people from having their basic supplies such as water and food and outside health care. The thing is, Israel is not fighting armed men, angry soldiers, riot rages, or threatening individuals. Israel is fighting every child on his way to school, every women going back home from the market, and every old man walking by his lambs.

Israel has proven to be a simple interpretation of what real terrorism is. Having an international community which neglects any war crime or child’s massacre done by Israelis is of great help. The silent international, and Arab world, which seems to be blinded and unable to witness the oppression going on in Palestine, not only did not stop these acts of terror, but it also contributed to the increase of these acts, as Israel has no higher power to be afraid of, instead it has higher powers that support it.

How fair is this; a tank versus a child with a stone?

If I wanted to give up on the international and Arab community who are doing nothing about these acts, I cannot give up on the normal people who see such massacres but remain silent. It is very well understood that political leaders have private interests, and their interests are much more important than innocent people’s lives. But the bigger pain comes when a civilian of any nationality defends the Israeli state, because he/she as well have been blinded by their own media and are unable to witness the reality of these oppressors. Israeli soldiers have gone wild only because there’s no enough awareness for them to be stopped.

The price to be paid here is simply; people’s lives.


3 thoughts on “Soldiers gone wild: who will stop them?

  1. I understand that there are people suffering on both sides of this ongoing conflict, but let’s look at history. You say that “there’s a big portion that believes Israel is doing whatever it has to do to keep their land, which was never theirs from the first place.” Let’s look at what history has written between America and Israel. The New World was founded in 1492 and the first civilized city in this “New World” was Jamestown, Virginia established in 1607. Before 1492, Native Americans lived here peacefully and rightfully. When Leif Erikson touched down on North American soil, he brought along with him the white European man (who had never been there before) to force the Native Americans from their homes and if they did not comply, villages would be pillaged and burn to the ground as if they never existed. Isn’t America’s existence just as “illegitimate” as Israel is accused of?

    Let’s take a look at Israel’s history now. First of all, Israel has had Jews living in their rightful homeland since before King David’s reign in 1002 BCE. Secondly, since the fall of King David’s Israel with the capital being Jerusalem (hence he built his palace there) there have been Jews living in Jerusalem up to modern day. In fact, since Israel was conquered between now and the Kingdom of Israel of King David, the capital was somewhere else in Europe or Persia. The last time Israel had confined borders with the recognizable capital within it’s borders is during King David’s reign and today. So I think that constitutes as Jews having rightful ownership to the land. When Jews began making mass immigrations back to Israel in the wake of the modern movement of Zionism in the late 1800s, they never forced Arabs out of their land. They bought land from absentee Arab land owners. The JNF (Jewish National Fund) was created on the basis of buying land in Israel and has transformed into an organization that sends Jews from all over the world to their sacred homeland.

    My point is that Israel is put on a double standard in the global view. America was established in a way that “forced” people out of their homes. Israel returned to their land where they had so much history and had lived before. America was founded by white Europeans who had never seen this land. Jews founded a land so they could have a country as a safe haven in case there is another Holocaust. Jews are fighting for one land with historical connections and the world sees their existence as “illegitimate.” There are countless countries that have illegally reached there status quo by uprooting people from their homes. Israel has every right to exist.

    I understand that people are suffering on both sides of the equation and it really is tragic, but to go around and say that Zionism and Israel are illegitimate is anti-semitic and ignorant to historical facts. My opinions represent me and are all mine.

    1. “I can count you the scores of massacres which happened all over the country. Do you think anyone would leave his home unless he was really threatened?” – Hazem Nusseibeh (former Jordanian foreign minister, Palestinian journalist in Jerusalem in 1948).

      His question disproves your claim that Palestinian land was lost because the Israelis “bought land from absentee Arab land owners.”

      If you want to examine history, do not forget the massacres which caused the 1948 Palestinian exodus. Think about it, did 700,000 Palestinians voluntarily displace themselves in 1948? (This number is from

      Given this, you cannot say the Israelis didn’t force the Palestinians out of their land.

  2. Having the right to exist does not give the right to oppress. Despite whether they deserve the land or not, Palestinians fled their homes and were left with no shelter, under horrible circumstances. They were not given their rights, and their houses were occupied by Israelis, for free. Even if as an Arab I wanted to argue with the Israelis and their right to this land, i cannot do that, because I would be arguing that an oppressor/terrorist deserves to have a home. Americans did not terrorize the ‘original owners of the land’. Israel on the other hand, did nothing but terrorize them.

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