A Hypocrite’s Equation

Why does the US support Israel?

This is a question that everybody asks, and answers, in a different way.

Whether in the American point of view, Israeli, Arab, Palestinian specifically, or any other country’s point of view, each one sees the reason as the media or as what he has experienced show him. It is hard for non-Israelis and non-Palestinians to understand the ever-lasting conflict between Israel and Palestine. However, it is very famous where each country stands from this conflict.

Lebanon, on one hand, supports Palestinians and is at war with Israel. The Lebanese people feel Palestinians were oppressed and denied the right to peacefully live in their own land. The United States on the other hand shows full support to Israel state, and believes the land of Palestine is of Israeli right. The two countries seem to agree greatly on the same political ideologies, they have common interests, or at least fulfill each others’ needs.

Israel has the oil, United States has the weapons. It’s this simple of an equation. The US needs the oil Israel provides, and Israel cannot maintain its strong points and power unless the US provided financial or armed support. At least this is what is known to the public.

Yet when we care to question a bit further, we seek to know the real reason behind the US supporting Israel. It’s not only about the oil, or the US would have supported countries that are richer in that specific substance. It’s all about politics. Israel is the one country around the Middle East that is very openly supportive of America. Perhaps other countries support the US, but Israel’s support has another taste. Being ready to engage in wars, to take hits, and to hit, is what makes Israel a strong ally of the US.

Israel certainly needs the United States, and for that they both have the same agenda; for Israel to maintain its power, and America to maintain a strong ally in the region.

Allow me to call this entire equation a very hypocrite one.

A country like the US, calling for democracy, freedom, end of terrorism, end of wars and crimes, termination of oppression, supports a country like Israel, evacuating a land from its original people, killing innocent children, raping women on the streets, torturing men, committing war crimes, and terrorizing the entire region. Allow me to say this is just shameful.

Despite all the political agreements, or being able to have an ally at a certain region, is it fair for a country like the United States, all known for its democracy calling and war on terrorism, to support the Israeli state, for whichever reason possible?

I guess this brings up the next question, is the US fighting a war with terrorism, or only with Islam?


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