Yes, I am a blogger

Using blogs has been rising greatly in the last few years. I blog for many different reasons, first, it’s fun to blog, and blogging helps me improve my writing skills. In addition to that, blogging helps me to express my ideas, it’s like an online diary.

By blogging I can share many different ideas and issues with people who I don’t even know but it’s nice to know other people’s opinion on your post.

Most of the bloggers share their topics in order to reach their goals by knowing who agree and who doesn’t with their opinion, and to reach some objectives.

Readers support can help the blogger to write more posts, in order to share more topics and ideas.

One of the main objectives the blogger is trying to achieve in his blogs is establishing a sense of community.

Blogging is free; it helps all the social levels to share all their ideas and problems.

Blogging will rise more and more in the next few years since people are shifting their focus on media.


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