Journalism in a blog

Each person has his own views on certain matters, and wants to give his opinion over it . nowadays its very obvious that the media lost its credibility for that people tend to look for other ways to express their views without pressure from any side , and publishing an article in a newspaper would require a big budget and agree with u agenda either the television interviews they are very limited without interaction a blog is also important because people express their ideas without having limitation the comments posted on the blog show how involved people are with the subject. It is also a way to have responds and opinion that are related to the matter , a blog also broodens the way for discussions and exchange of thoughts. For those reasons with time blogs will become the dominant methods of communication people look for a place they can freely express their views and blogs are the best 


2 thoughts on “Journalism in a blog

  1. i agree with you Farah, nowadays every media is representing a political group so the truth is lost. freedom of speech is the most important thing in the “blog phenomena” and that’s why blogs will become a very dominant methods.

  2. I agree as well, when writing for a large publication one must omit their opinion and deliver what they have to say in an objective manner. However, when it come’s to a blog post a person is free to say what they want however they want in a non-objective fashion. Although, this is why many people tend to discredit blogs as a reliable source of information; because blog posts are heavily reliant on the author’s opinion. The media, even with bias, will deliver the majority of the facts in an objective manner and refrain from injecting their opinion into the news clip, or article.

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