Blogs: A new real world

The media just seems to have lost its credibility, and for that, people decided to take it to the next level and be their own news informers. Whether speaking of a highly influential revolution or explaining minor problem going on with them, they’ve switched from being silent audiences to active participants in the scene.

Writing blogs is perhaps the most common new phenomena that people are using to make their point of view known to others. It is true that writing an article for a newspaper can be a way to publish your ideas, and perhaps a television interview can be seen by a much larger portion of people, but blogs are more popular due to certain very logical reasons.

First, blogs are free of charge. Publishing an article in a newspaper would require a budget, and I do not want to even think of what a television broadcast would cost. A lot of people with very low or barely no budget at all would certainly not be able to afford such prices, but these people do have opinions too. A blog is a space that most allows people with no financial abilities to express their views.

Second, not only does a blog offer access to publishing, but it is also a way to interact and receive responds. A blog allows both the writer and the reader to show their points of view in a discussion matter. It is a process for both parts to learn more, and be able to interact with each other. The writer should be ready to accept and respect any other view that may be mentioned in a blog response.

The final reason I will speak of that makes blog gain fast popularity is that they have become almost the only method to express one’s opinion with no outer pressure. It is in a blog that you find the most truthfulness and incidents talked about by live witnesses. Political, religious, or any other force would not have the ability to control what is being written.

At a world where each political ideology has its own news outlet to publish things from its perspective, it is essential to dig deep, and speak freely. A blogger does not have a secret agenda nor a financial supporter. A blogger aims to get the word out, as it is!


3 thoughts on “Blogs: A new real world

  1. I don’t know Lynn if i can agree with that, i mean true some journalists or media outlets have lost their credibly for obvious reasons on top of which comes the fact that they might be bias. but can we say that all journalists lack credibility?

    1. Perhaps not all of them, but the bias obvious on all media outlets does decrease people’s trust in the news they hear, and for that, they prefer to be their own informers and express what they see.

      1. It is very hard for any news outlet to really maintain neutrality and not to be bias especially when the issues at stake are really of great importance. But the question is: is that a lebanese problem, an arab one or that is the case even int he units stets perhaps the GLC students can tell us what they think…

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