Western coverup in Lebanese culture

    Urban art and culture evolves very slowly in Lebanon and even so the culture that does evolve is very westernized. For example women in Lebanon make every attempt to be Western in their dress and mannerisms. The women today want to be very Western but they are inhibited by their parents and therefore to dress and act Western they must hide it from their parents. Many girls like to wear makeup and dye their hair but their parents prohibit it, that’s why it looks very fake and unoriginal which gives a very weak cultural image to the country. I think this stems from the reserved religious foundation of our country. In essence, the culture of Lebanon is not its own, but a Western interpretation of style from several years ago.

To a certain extent, most of the work that comes directly from Lebanon is not original; even so our current videos, music and trends are just copies of what we learn via YouTube and other media components. This cultural phenomenon has stifled our generation’s ability to be creative in almost all aspects of society. It is not that Western culture has dominated our society but instead masked or replaced our own innate ability to be creative and thus develop our own culture, now of course there is a lot of Lebanese creativity but it’s somehow hidden beneath the political and religious clashes that keep on reoccurring which forces a lot of immigration, transferring all the good ideas and talents to other countries. However, nowadays Lebanon has stepped up and progressed a lot in the arts industries especially in recent years, since many hometown and foreign people have given more attention to it, understanding the situation. Lebanese art movements and emerging talents are making their way to the forefront of our social identity. There is faith in the future of Lebanese art and in the preservation of old artistic masterpieces, and so far, they have been successful in their mission. For after starting off with humble beginnings, Lebanese artistic capabilities have grown, not only through the overwhelming support of social media, but also through the support it has received from many organizations and businesses as well as individuals. Now, Lebanon is setting its hopes higher encouraging new artists and talents to raise success in Lebanon.


One thought on “Western coverup in Lebanese culture

  1. I find it very intriguing why many, many countries strive to be “Westernized.” Mainstream western music and fashion is seemingly recycled and carbon copied until it is exhausted. I, personally, would love to see more foreign influences on western arts, it would serve as a great breath of fresh air and possibly even allow arts in all industries to feed off of those influences and become more creative. I found what you said to hold very true in Eastern European countries as well, as countless people asked me about typical “college movies” and if that was indeed what my college experience has been like. Or sadly, how the most known American recording artist in that part of the world is Lil’ Wayne. From what I’ve found speaking to people who yearn to be more “western” is that they are only exposed to a slim sliver of the west’s art and culture. I suppose this may be a case in where the grass seems much greener on the other side, but I share your sentiments, however I would love to see some more pronounced “eastern” influences here in America.

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