Syria and Lebanon Connected Even at Time of Revolution

At the beginning the Syrian revolution was supposed to improve the govermental system . most of the lebanees people support this revolution specially when the revolution was peacful. With time the initially peacful demonstractions turned into bloody violent riots against the general population and became a civil war between sunni and alawi . being a border country to Lebanon, the syrian revolution surely had effects on the country. Politically , lebanon is devided into supporter of either the revolution, or the regime we hear about clashes between the two groups regularly, especially is the northen city of Tripoli those incidents mights trigger a civil war in lebanon between defferent religion groups . economically , Lebanon has open borders with syria only .the syrian authorities have cut down the ammount of goods lebanon could export through their land due to the massive amounts of weapons being smuggled into syria this has a huge negative impact on the Lebanese economy. Syria might be having its own revolution, but that does not mean it has no effect on surrounding countries the revolution has been directly related to the Lebanese people and their land , thus creating increased tension among it specific groups.


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