Saudi Arabia Intervention in Lebanon

It all started in 1989 when Saudi Arabian government helped the Lebanese government in taef agreement.
Saudi Arabia’s intervention greatly increased after the assassination of late PM Rafik Al Hariri in 2005.
The fact that Saudis showed greater support to the Sunni sect in Lebanon contributed in the increase of problems between the two sects.
Saudis justify their great intervention with the Lebanese matters by offering aid and money transfer to the Lebanese country. They also state the fact that KSA has 160,000 Lebanese workers supporting their families.
Saudi Arabia had a special relationship with the prime minster Rafik Al Hariri and he represents a big portion of the sunni sect.
Now, Saudi Arabia openly shows support to all the Sunni movements in Lebanon. Such support gives greater power to such movements even if they were small ones.
Even though Saudi Arabia at most times takes the side of the Lebanese, yet at many times Saudi Arabia ordered its citizens to leave Lebanon with no reason.
Finally, most of the Lebanese people are not satisfied with the Saudi interference in Lebanon because Saudi Arabia is viewed to have a secret agenda supported by the US.


3 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Intervention in Lebanon

  1. True, the Saudis have been interfering in our affairs but so have been the Syrians, the Iranians the Egyptians and the list goes on. In international relations big states do tend to interfere in the affairs of small states the question here is the following: when will the Lebanese people unite and refute any foreign interference in their internal affairs?

    1. I think its hard for the Lebanese people to unite and refute any interference, because they are very much divided among themselves and such a decision needs the people to be united. we shouldn’t forget that every sect in Lebanon get their support from different countries.

  2. The problem with the outside intervention in Lebanon is a dilemma that has no end. The people are not connected enough to each other, and they are always seeking help. For that, they are the ones who ask for that intervention from whichever country that it is.

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