Distance Learning Improving Foreign Affairs

Distance Learning programs in Lebanon have become a recently popular topic with Lebanese students studying abroad in the United States. These programs are interactive ways for students to come to the United States and continue their studies however they cannot receive a degree from distance learning. On the flip side American Students are enrolling in Lebanese Universities and as long as they pass the entrance exams and language test they will be accepted. This is a productive way to enhance foreign affairs between the United States and Lebanon.

International Council Inc is an institution that allows educational and training services for Arab students in the United States. They have reached quiet the reputation with a successful academic program. Their headquarters is located in the United States which provides services for Arabs in Lebanon to register for their program. They provide distance learning services, training programs, and seminars/workshops which are all great tools to allow for a better international connection and understanding. Lebanon is only just one of the many countries their students/clients come from. The services provided are not just limited to University studies. They also provide certificate programs and training which is important in today’s society with foreign agreements and rapid world changes.  This can give Lebanese students an upper hand in the business world having first-hand experience working with American’s and adapting to their business culture. The International Council provides each student with experienced university professors and managers to follow the students throughout their progress, this helps them in their adaptations and learning process.


The link posted is the web site to register for the International Council Inc. distance learning program.


The link posted is the web site to register for Stafford Associates distance learning program.

Another Distance Learning program is through the Stafford Associates formed over ten years ago providing distance education assistance to business students in the Middle East. This program is meant to allow students to receive quality international qualifications making them stand out as contenders for manager and advance career positions. This program along with other distance learning programs is meant to give international students an upper hand in the business world making them stand out against other competitors.

Foreign affairs are a major issue and keeping upright connections with other countries is crucial. Distance learning programs between Lebanon and the United States is an effective way to improve foreign affairs. Allowing students from Lebanon to study in the U.S and vice versa leads to their cultures interconnecting and form a bond/understanding. Due to many issues in the Middle East it is important to maintain close ties especially since the U.S and Lebanon have not always seen eye to eye.


One thought on “Distance Learning Improving Foreign Affairs

  1. I completely agree that these international programs are beneficial for both Lebanese and American college students. It is pivotal that relations grow in our globalized society and that skills are developed as to keep these relations strong in the future. However, do these programs help students promote and develop future business plans and ideas between these students? This program is very similar to that of the GLC and I agree that it should continue to assist in the development of future business leaders of the world.

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